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The UK's goods export performance since 2012 Q1 and normalised to 2016Q1

It's been underperforming since then

From the OECD

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Prompted by @shaungdavey and his post about the excellent 's online here is my favourite version

Side by side historic and current maps up to 60" scale (yes 1:1056) maps of some Victorian city regions

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Just a reminder how expensive US is.

Every year since 1990 the proportion of GDP spent on public (and after the compulsory) healthcare was higher in the US than the UK with universal coverage.

is cost effective

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It’s sad how Wile E. Coyote is remembered for his violence, and not for his brilliantly realistic paintings of tunnels.

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Remember when the social threat Elon Musk took over xitter and started putting labels on NPR and other accounts as "Government

Guess how many Russia and Putin Accounts xitty has now.

Guess how many have labels?

You guessed right! the xitty social weapon run by Musk is a hotbed of hidden Russian propaganda!

Moscow’s disinformation operation “is a multimillion-euro weapon of mass manipulation aimed both internally at Europeans and the rest of the world”

Even my low expectations of Braverman have been failed by this.

Fearing discrimination for being gay or a woman should not be enough to qualify for international refugee protection, according to the home secretary.

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In today’s shit you just can’t make up, the far right parties in the European Parliament have nominated Elon Musk for this year’s Sakharov Prize for human rights. 🙄🤮

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It's 'Conference Season' in the UK, where after a solid fortnight of work after the Summer hols, Politicians run off to some city to talk loudly in a room full of people who are hungover.
The #Tories are in #Manchester, hence the police on the roofs overlooking the convention centre, as witnessed by a friend of ours staying in a hotel.


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The special election in NH proved once again that Democrats have the momentum. This was a district that Trump won in 2020. It just went to the Democrat by 12 points, and with one more special election to go in a blue-leaning district, Democrats there could soon bring the state house to parity, putting the long GOP NH house majority to an end!

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@ParkinJim It is indeed. They could reach a much higher number if they don't capitulate - Many units have no rations now. They exceeded their stockpile and ability to produce.

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Always helpful to note that we’ve had 46 U.S. Presidents, and they’ve been indicted on a total of 91 felony charges. Here’s how it breaks down:

1-44: 0
45: 91
46: 0

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Shit. I can’t imagine what teaching must be like these days 😟

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"Covid could do for ventilation what cholera did for cleaner water systems"

"...covid could serve as the same kind of catalyst for better indoor air as cholera did for better sewage and cleaner water in the 19th century."

#CovidIsAirborne #CovidIsntOver

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#Queensland ##COVID light remains on green despite rising hospital admissions for the pandemic virus and #flu
-**If only** **we could have predicted that this could happen**. If there was just some pattern to it. Or some sort of history to it. Or some way of recording to see it was happening. Or some structured multicoloured warning system that would help alert us to prepare *before *we surged.

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Yet another petition... but I think a potentially important one given human track record in buggering the planet up, and really going to town when mining companies are involved...

Deep-sea mining is set to begin in 2023 and will cause irreversible destruction to our planet. Add your name to the urgent open letter against deep-sea mining, and help us prevent this tragedy before it begins. #DefendtheDeep

My daughter pointed this out to me in Monday's i paper. She appreciated the juxtaposition of headlines.

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Embarrassed about what they are?
RT @davesumnersmith
Why do you imagine these @Conservatives are promoting themselves using green rather than blue & without using a party logo?

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