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The UK's goods export performance since 2012 Q1 and normalised to 2016Q1

It's been underperforming since then

From the OECD

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Prompted by @shaungdavey and his post about the excellent 's online here is my favourite version

Side by side historic and current maps up to 60" scale (yes 1:1056) maps of some Victorian city regions

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Just a reminder how expensive US is.

Every year since 1990 the proportion of GDP spent on public (and after the compulsory) healthcare was higher in the US than the UK with universal coverage.

is cost effective

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Wow: Elon Musk personally “value engineered” away the LIDAR units that made Tesla’s promise of autonomous driving even remotely practicable, *and via software updates disabled LIDAR on already-sold vehicles physically equipped with it*, which is why there have been so many more crashes and near-misses involving Tesla vehicles than there were before. This has #classaction written alllll over it.

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Embarrassed about what they are?
RT @davesumnersmith
Why do you imagine these @Conservatives are promoting themselves using green rather than blue & without using a party logo?

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From Adam Bienkov on the dark side:
"BBC interviewer: "If Gary Lineker had said to Suella Braverman, 'I support your migrant policy. I back it. It is brilliant.' Would you have removed him from air for that?"

BBC Director General Tim Davie: "I'm not going to get into hypotheticals..."
#TeamLineker #FreeSpeech #BBCBias #UKPolitics

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So I want to stress that I CANNOT INDEPENDENTLY confirm this but I trust my source:
There is apparently an ongoing issue at Twitter that boils down to:
Musk fired everyone with access to the private key to their internal root CA, and they can no longer run puppet because the puppet master's CA cert expired and they can't get a new one because no one has access. They no longer can mint certs.
My limited understanding in this area is that this is...very bad
#Twitter #infosec

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Just the head of the civil service calling the Prime Minister "nationally distrusted" less than a year after his election.
Despite this Johnson remained PM for the best part of two more years.

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The really annoying thing about Hancock's leaked Whatsapp messages is that we are only seeing what the telegraph wants us to see.

Imagine if those messages were actually in the public domain.
We'd hear the dirt on the politicians they are currently protecting.

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"Matt Hancock plotted to try and oust Sir Simon Stevens, a longtime thorn in the government’s side, from his role as the head of the NHS in England, the former health secretary’s leaked messages reveal."

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RT @NHSMillion
Privatisation of the NHS is not some myth or conspiracy theory

The last accounts from NHS England show that over £18 billion of taxpayer money went to private healthcare providers in a year

RT if you agree the NHS should be about people, not profit

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When justice miscarries

Human rights court to consider whether former prisoners should receive compensation

New piece on my Substack blog

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We're urging MPs to support an amendment to bring housing associations under the Freedom of Information Act.

The amendment to the Social Housing (Regulation) Bill whose report stage is today has been tabled by shadow housing minister Matthew Pennycook MP supported by Rebecca Long-Bailey and Caroline Lucas.
The amendment was drafted by the Greater Manchester Law Centre.

#FOI #FOIA #freedomofinformation #socialhousing #ukpolitics

More evidence of on moors managed for (yet again by tenants of the in the ) At least this time the National Trust has done the right thing and the lease is not renewed, but is common in the industry and the legal parts of are damaging. Time for a ban. Its tourism damage probably costs the rural economy more than it brings in.

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If the state is no better than the murderer, then how is it fit to pass judgement on anyone?

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@FrancisHayden1 I run the risk. I made a direct video appeal to Keir Starmer on Twitter before conference the year before last. The vast majority of ordinary members want PR. The Union block vote scuppered that. I shall stick to my guns. If they want to expel me, then there are tens of thousands of others like me, and they know it.

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***UK POLL***
When you come to vote in any forthcoming UK elections, do you intend to stay loyal to your political party of choice, or will you vote tactically in order to secure the government you would prefer?
Please vote, comment, and REBLOG for larger response.
Thank you.
Should be interesting.

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Britain Predicts — model update

LAB: 424 MPs (+222)
CON: 138 (-227)
SNP: 42 (-6)
LDEM: 22 (+11)


[Tactical voting not accounted for (update coming soon!)]

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Welp, first full-time writer I know has just lost an income stream as a website they work for has switched to ChatGPT.

Yes, I know, it sounds ridiculous and made-up, but this is a real person.

Copywriting pay has been dropping in real terms for decadesas publication across the board becomes less economically viable. Under those conditions, it becomes increasingly likely that sites will go for cheap quantity over well-paid quality.

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