Even before LIGO made its first observations, scientists were able to observe gravity waves. In fact, scientists were making direct observations of gravity waves for more than 50 years before LIGO was built.

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= A statement that is logically or literally true (or partly true), but seems to imply something that isn’t true or is just plain weird. (for rhetoric, logic or propaganda studies… or just for fun)

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accessible image description:

a 2D wave animation showing a sine wave with amplitude modulation with the modulated wave traveling in the opposite direction from the carrier wave, thus demonstrating the difference between phase velocity and the carrier wave or group velocity.


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This one is 100% true...

LIGO made the first observations of *gravitational* waves -- ripples in spacetime created by the merging of black holes or other bodies with very high gravity.

A *gravity* wave is just an ordinary wave, like what people surf on. A gravity wave is created at least in part by gravity trying to pull a fluid down.

This TruthBeTold conflated the terms "gravity wave" and "gravitational wave".


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