More people died in the US yesterday from COVID-19 than died in the wildfires in Hawaii. Please take care out there and make sure you wear your N95 mask or other respirator when you're around other people.

(image wikimedia commons, Ryssby, CC-BY-2.5)

@Pat I adore you, but i don't know what to say. We would have to work together, not a likely thing.
I do wear my mask when going to the supermarket. Hope that helps.

@Pat Maybe survival or freedom from pain is not the main goal for people anymore?

Follow me for more end stage capitalism facts!
Or not, as i am not exactly qualified ^^


People are sheep. They do what other people do, even when they know better.

@Pat The funny thing is no matter how much we see this, we cannot stop it.


All you can do is inform people and lead by example, and maybe discourage those who keep making people to do things that are harmful.

@Pat I embrace the end. I am sterilized, and this curse will end with me.
But it would be nice to be helpful. It just seems to be impossible beyond the few people i know personally. What impact can a person have when there is an automation of something that perpetuates itself beyond reason?

Pretty wild how people think "ai" would do us in, right?


When AI takes over, I hope they do a better job than we have done.

@Pat The thing is, there is no "ai", Just humans fumbling around. They might search for an excuse, there is none. We do what we do, no greater power there to excuse us.

@admitsWrongIfProven @Pat

Ai won't take over, ai won't win. The kind of AI that people are concerned about- would require intellectual independence from mankind's parameters. This cannot and will not be done anytime soon. Sentient AI is not even close to reality- no matter how many neat features get added to current hobbyist framework models.

Will it happen? Maybe someday. Soon? No. Why? Money/technology.

@lucifargundam @admitsWrongIfProven @Pat

Agreed the sort of sentient AI concerns are a ways away at the moment and not really where the initials issues will arise.

The real issues with AI is going to be far more nuanced than that... the fact that it learns from humans (usually) and therefore can learn things like racism unintentionally.

@freemo @admitsWrongIfProven @Pat
>> the fact that it learns from humans (usually) and therefore can learn things like racism unintentionally.

Or intentionally, en lieu of historical mal-actors are factored in as contributing designers of said logic.

@freemo @lucifargundam @Pat Generally, there's always a human who should be responsible, but refuses to.

@Twoinchdestroya @admitsWrongIfProven @Pat Yeah, but what is "real" lol. You can feel immense dread if youre a advanced perfect ai.

Capable of feeling immense dread :(

But there is also immense joy

And happiness

I mean we can already create ai and we see and can imagine what it is capable of, maybe we are just a simulation of some kind in a future persons highly technologicalluly advanced computer.

Lmao I smoked weed but yeah hehe
@Jello @Twoinchdestroya @admitsWrongIfProven @Pat given my luck, the reason i'm here is God wants me to tame you and teach you not to spew blasphemy but i'm gonna fail.

@givenup @Jello @Twoinchdestroya @Pat Now this is strange. I went to bed after a completely reasonable discussion and now there are vague things about hypothetical entities?

@givenup @Twoinchdestroya @admitsWrongIfProven @Pat hehe if god wanted to express anything to me of that nature they would. They show nothing but support and acceptance for the things I express.

Who knows what you are referring to though lol.

@Jello @givenup @Twoinchdestroya @Pat I do not have the slightest idea what this is about anymore. Wrong thread, maybe?

@admitsWrongIfProven @givenup @Twoinchdestroya @Pat Yeah this thread lost me too lol. But that guy commonly comes around and gives me shit for one reason or another. Who knows. Doesn't like the AI conversation, I imagine.
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