*** CSPAN Caller of the Day ***

This citizen scientist has made her own meteorological observations of sound waves to support the conclusion that climate change is real.

@Pat It turns out differences in air pressure and temperature, like those experienced in the lead up to a thunderstorm, have refractive differences in how sound travels ( This person may sound silly explaining the phenomenon, but I wouldn’t be so quick to throw around the term “whackadoodle” just because it sounds odd at first glance. That only serves to ostracize people who are generally stmpathetic to the cause.


I wasn't trying to ostracize anyone. I just thought the call was entertaining. Yes, I'm familiar with how varying air density can effect how sound travels.

There is a place that occasionally makes very loud sounds that is 25 miles away from where I live and when the weather conditions are just right I can detect those sounds. So, yeah the phenomenon it's real.

Also, I wasn't calling her a wackadoodle, that was just one of the hashtags for the toot.

I hear climate deniers do this all the time with Sun spots or whatever, but it was unusual to hear believer in climate change do it.

We just need to stick to the science.

@Pat The hashtags and text were either shared uncritically or intentionally. It’s the internet, so that’s impossible to know.

This lady is reminiscent of something many of us have or will experience - someone who is not particularly science-literate but still sees a problem. Its something we’ll be dealing with more and more as a society. This entire piece is disparaging to someone who sees the problems you do but doesn’t have the education to say them as nicely as you want to hear. Be better

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