Content warning for mental health issues. Just in case. 

I toot the private message that I redacted for an user who disappeared mysteriously. Obviously, the message could not be delivered. I do not know how real the incident actually was, as social media is a weird place in this regard, but I choose to intervene. Better safe than sorry:

Good to know that you are still around. As I said, as far as I can see, your communicational 'accident' just reflects exactly what you are saying: the lack of a personal coping strategy and, for now, capacity. I think that is why people signal their need to get help. In this regard, if you feel that things are getting out of hand, I recommend contacting a professional. In some countries there are even specialized hotlines to attend people who struggle with coping with the actual crisis. If you wish to talk to someone in order to sort out the emotional mess, that might be a good starting point. Anyway, I just want to recommend you to try finding out what options you actually have at your disposal. I understand that the global situation is scary. Things need to change quite radically in order to get all sort of social issues fixed. That is why it can seem so overwhelming. I try to be full of hope, as I see no point in getting desperate. At least we can try to do our best to contribute to the changes, and I assure you that there initiatives where we can take action on a collective level and on an individual level. However, you need to be somewhat stable emotionally to start with, so that you don't choose the wrong option out of fear.

To sum up: don't be a spectator in this drama, become an actor instead. That is what you are already, although inconsciously. May I suggest that the first act be about working on a personal coping strategy? I am sure things will get better when you advance to make some tactical changes accordingly and you start to find solutions. You will realize that there is more to existence than drama and tragedy. Maybe you can be part of an epic change where things start to heal for real?

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