Well, I have been mostly lurking around for a while and I did not bother to make an introductory to start with.

The reason is that I did not know what I would like to toot about, since my observations about mainstream social media made me think that I am definitely not interested in the sometimes quite toxic communicative dynamics experienced therein. Now, is Mastodon different? Well, at least it respects privacy, so I might share narcissistically some details of my rather insignificant existence without giving away valuable data to greedy multinational corporations. Also, I might start flooding the timeline with the information I deem necessary to avert the society from the dooming civilisatory collapse. Generally, I could propagate scientific skepticism.

As for input, a funny meme can make me smile and a witty comment might elevate my mind a bit, but ultimately I ask myself whether such virtual life is worth the effort. As such, I question the sociability of it all. I prefer real life and real contacts. It is probable that I will never travel to the country of your residence in my life and we will never meet and share meaningful experiences.

As far as I know, none of my real life contacts uses Mastodon. Consequently, is there any good reason to be here, apart from the altruistic resoluteness to contribute to social change?

Oh, by the way, I am not an , but an introvert who likes progression. As far as I can see, homo sapiens is recently retrogressive enough.

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@Phairnix There are some pretty cool people on here. Stick around.

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