Dealing with #SexualHarrasment while being a kid. #SexWorkIsWork 

Since I was young, I have been proud to have some friends that according to some "looked like hoes". When I was still child, and some of my friend were still girls, they were getting sexualized by adults and older kids and told that they somehow were trying to appear seductive. Harrassed.
And I can assure all: it was not about the type of clothes they wore, or how they behaved. It was about some people, specially racialized and fat folks, being read as sexually explicit, pornographic.
My young friends knew it was wrong and stood up for themselves and since then I revere people that fight against oppression.
I hope for a future where we no longer stigmatize sex work, sex workers and their clients. In which a child can hope to grow up to be a sex worker without getting reprimanded.

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