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The whole "herd mentality" narrative rubs me wrong. We are social animals. Of course we have group dynamics.
I find it similar to using "animal" as an insult. I am an animal why would I be insulted? Rhetorical question I know the answer. "Animal" is about dehumanizing others based on thinking that humans are somehow above other animals? Except I try not to reproduce that type of hierarchies. Also please call me animal, I kinda enjoy it.
If you engage in this herd narrative as a critique please consider critiquing democracy or mass media instead of dehumanizing others. Also please note that referring to such phenomenons as "tribal" mentality or thinking is racist.

What is ? What is ? What can history (not) do in service of black people given the insights of Afropessimism? If history fails to service black people, what should be done with history? This article argues that an unavoidable conclusion of Afropessimism is that history, a disciplinary mode of knowledge production, is tethered to the historical construct of the Human and thus is exploitative of the Slave/the Black, which is the negative image of the Human.

This article elaborates on the implications of this indictment of history, suggesting that invention of different ways of being becomes at least possible to imagine—to think about—when history is brought into relief, not as the form by which historians account for the past but rather as the evidence of who historians are and what they value in the world as it exists.

Please avoid generalizations which shift the blame. Western civilization is not the whole of humanity. Identifying the problem is key to figuring out the solution. The systems imposed by the west are the problem.

caracterizar la violencia machista desde el "sólo por ser mujer" me parece errado porque esa generalización oculta que es en ciertas sociedades y culturas donde sucede. la cultura dominante no es la única. la colonización no destruyo a todas las sociedades, otras tradiciones contrarias. es dar por muertos a quienes todavía dan la lucha de quienes podríamos estar aprendiendo.

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Are you looking for open suscription plataforms? Alternatives to Patreon, Twitch or Gumroad that would let you have control over your data and content? This might be a good place to start.

Statement on “Join The Fedi” is a website owned by known “gender critical” activist Alex Gleason. The domain name and SEO is clearly designed to appeal to individuals curious about the fediverse, and potentially take traffic from Unfortunately, Gleason does not have the best intentions when it comes to helping the fediverse grow. Gleason formerly contributed to other fediverse projects, before being removed from doing so due both his behavior and poor code quality. This is a problematic individual, recommending problematic services.

Join The Fedi has an explicitly right-wing agenda and seems to only promote instances which either a) run the “Soapbox” front-end software created by Gleason himself or b) advertise themselves as “free speech” instances. As of right now, the site actively recommends the following instances: (blocked by Howlr for harassment) (blocked by Howlr for transphobia) (blocked by Howlr for harassment) (blocked by Howlr for transphobia) (blocked by Howlr for hate speech)

In other words, Gleason is using the site to promote his own agenda rather than simply gain more users into the fediverse. This is not a site that should be recommended to new users. I would recommend using instead!

Thank you!

“I believe that the trade in human beings between Africa & America, which flourished between the Renaissance & the American Civil War, is the prime & effective cause of the contradictions in European civilization & the illogic in modern thought & the collapse of human culture.” DuBois

primera prueba para aderezo. vinagreta dulce de chocolate para echarsela encima a papaya y fresas. 3 cucharas de mantequilla de coco, 3 cucharaditas de cacao en polvo, 1 cucharadita de vinagre bálsamico, 3 cucharadas de miel, una pisca de sal, una pisca de canela.

"God has died" : meh reaction
"This could be the death of comedy" : calls to mobilize the whole of society.

It is never normal.
If anything, it was normalized.

This youtube channel is a very good resource for those seeking information about and "Education, self care, and lifestyle for neurodivergent people".

"Mr Global" / the ruling class 

Catherine Austin Fitts made the point that Mr Global makes decisions not out of greed but risk management. The risk they are most seeking to avoid is: the whole system that keeps them in power collapsing. As she described it, they profit out of the situations they put the world in, but greed is not what is shaping their decisions, but the fear of losing their control over humanity.


una triste historia: un espacio de construcción colectiva en abandono.
lo que no cuentan: la banda abandona el espacio después del desgaste de enfrentarse a micromachismos que se la viven comódos en dicho espacio.
la solución que promueven: más participación.
el resultado: nuevas personas le dan vida al espacio. algunos lo abandonan desgastados. los micromachos se quedan el espacio y todo el crédito de construir el espacio. incluyendo el mérito de haber sido confrontados por personas que señalon violencias y haber sobrevivido.

#rant #sexwork #anticapitalism 

I just read a so called anticapitalist stance which made me angry. They consider sex work purely exploitative. It should be abolished. Also, "survivors" agree.

Those that talk about abolishing sex work brandish some sex worker testimonies (the survivors they invoke) like they were weapons. While religiously ignoring all the data and other testimonies that counter their points. It is not even necessary argue over data because all their logic is so trash.

The weird part, is that those that push for criminalizing sex work come from different contexts. There are christian right wingers and so called anti capitalists that agree that sex work clients should be persecuted. Some because it offend the family and God, others because they consider it unproductive and exploitative work.

en méxico la lucha contra "el comunismo" es una extensión de la guerra contra pueblos y trabajadores organizados, respaldada por el estado, la iglesia y empresarios. es parte de la intervención gringa. es parte del neocolonialismo.
encuentro lamentable que haya alianzas con esa atroz tradición, porque resulta oportuna para criticar al actual partido en el poder.

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hay mucho marxista y comunista pendejo. es necesario señalarlos y ridiculizarlos.
y hay mucho anticomunista peor que pendejos. porque además de pendejos están organizados y en posiciones de poder.
criticar a los primeros sin aliarse con los segundos sería como básico si se creen de izquierda o revolucionarios o con mínima memoria histórica.

Para nosotres, procurar el bienestar de quienes colaboran con nuestra iniciativa, asisten a nuestras actividades y participan en nuestros espacios es fundamental.

Te invitamos a consultar nuestros principios de convivencia

About and
They are a disability issue and so are a social issue. They boil down to what type of relationships we hope to foster, which can add up to what type of society we choose to reproduce.
We may choose to perpetuate the social inertia, and default to making it a "your disability : your problem : your responsibility" issue.
Or we may choose to recognize the social model of disability. We may choose to take, collective or individual, responsibility for the choices we make that affect others. Choices that make content and places inaccessible or harmful to many. Choices that include or exclude, that enable and empower or discriminate against.

I believe it would be strategic to leave social ostracism alone for a while, and focus on governments and big corporations, which are capable of leaving people without citizenship and rights or access to financial services. Social media censorship denies access to audiences, and that impacts some trades more than others but there are workarounds. But loss of access to legal personhood or money can make anyone vulnerable fast.

stop cancel culture discourse 

People changing over how others reacted is actually just part of socialization but they will say it is abhorrent.
How privileged are some of these defenders of "being your true self"? Some have barely suffered negative consequences over the abusive ideas and behaviors they profess.
If their true self is a racist misogynist maybe they should try being someone else. Or maybe try changing?
But changing would mean turning their abuse off, but they cannot. They no longer know how to interact with others without imposing themselves over them. So they oppose being cancelled instead. They oppose people defending themselves from them.

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