Patience is a virtue in #theBoatyard... I was dragging my heels on my shaft seal project for want of a $450 prop puller. a few months ago i almost bit the bullet and now I'm glad I didn't because the very puller I wanted turned up on craigslist less than an hour from home for $175 - priced right - it would have cost about that to hire the yard to pull it.

here is the puller in action. it's very strong and made short work of it.

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Heyho Captain! For the uninitiated... what is happening in this picture? Is the puller removing the prop from the shaft on the right? How does the puller mechanically accomplish that?

@PiperPilotPaul @SYPerelandra
Here's a photo of the puller:

The disc on the left rests against the end of the prop shaft. The slotted disc on the right pulls the propeller towards the other one when the nuts on the protruding bolts are tightened.

The shaft is usually tapered and has a slotted key (to transmit torque to the propeller). A bolt on the end keeps the propeller from coming off when in use.

@yngmar @PiperPilotPaul exactly right. I eventually came up against the end of the shaft, and the key was still mushed in there pretty good and the prop wouldn't come, so I used a socket as a spacer between the outboard end of the puller and the shaft... et voila! It's all about applying pressure evenly. You can even make one with some long bolts and steel plate.

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