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A lot of the intros from Twittter people seem very formal! Relax folk; this doesn't need to be a C.V.!

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An existing solution for efficient, zero-emissions rubbish collection in urban areas: the VBZ / ERZ Cargo Tram in Zurich, Switzerland. Handles bulky municipal rubbish collection in tight city streets with ease and has luxurious facilities for workers on-board the tram locomotive - a field workshop, coffee machine and microwave!

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However, in 1999 the first planet was found via the Transit method and the world has never been the same (I am definitely not biased! 🤗 )

I’ll be back later with more on Transits and why they are THE BEST

#SpaceTalkTuesday (10/)

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Hi there.
I’m Paul and as you can tell I’m currently a who plays the Piob Mor , and a who owns and flies an in .
I have a wonderful partner @vgrayauthor who is also a to my four adult children and 10 grandchildren.
As a life-long learner I have dabbled in, or immersed myself in, the following:
(new discipline in this emerging field in 1966; mainframes were the marvels - IBM 7040, PDP-10)
(22 yr. career in Canada; during this time developed what we now call the )
(another 22 yr. consulting in the human / business side of ; Including the ; and the development of teamwork for results through ; coaching other business people)
(starting as a teenager in a a long time ago)
(crew and owner of several small boats, and ; born on , so no surprise)
(, , , and now considering electric )
(over the years owned a Honda 350, Honda Shadow 750, and now a Honda CBF1000A)
(Electric Vehicles) (owner of a 2018 Tesla Model 3)
(have adopted 5 over the years)
(playing MacGyver for the above list; also since we live in a 170 yr. old house on a )

I like to ask questions. Don’t hesitate to stop me if I get annoying.
Will answer any questions with Don’t Know if I really don’t (i.e. not afraid to be clear about my ignorance)

Getting as much out of every minute as I can, so only opening my laptop when not otherwise busy.

Asking for help re the various forces at play in a triangle made up of a sailboat mast (lying horizontal, so the base of the triangle), a pole locked vertically at 90 degrees at one end of the mast (also the hinge point), and a line fastened to both making the hypotenuse. The goal is to raise the mast to vertical by pulling on the upper end of the pole (often called a Gin Pole) so that the triangle rotates around the hinge vertex and the Gin Pole becomes horizontal as the mast becomes vertical.

Intuitively (because I don't know how to calculate the forces, and really only need to grasp the basics) I think that the longer the Gin Pole the better (within bending limits).
Also, it feels right to have the hypotenuse line reach the top of the mast rather than shrink the triangle with the line attached to another point on the mast.

If anyone can point me to a source, or can share some thoughts on determining optimum pole length / forces involved based on the weight & length of the mast, etc. I will be very grateful.

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Yo! I’ve decided to vacate mastodon.social to a less populous instance. If you’re seeing this message then everything is okay 🌈✨

Notified by Twitter that this was my Anniversary. Thanked them for the cake & candles 😂 and posted that I was over here now. Too bad, so sad.

What Vickie said. Here, here!! (in posh parlamentarian voice)
QT: mstdn.social/@vgrayauthor/1081

Vickie Gray  
Hello! #Introductions I’m grateful to those who started this platform so I have a place to be in community. I’ve been on the bird for 14 years and ...
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Coming to the end of Camp NaNoWriMo, and coming to the end of the idea draft of book 2, A Difficult Choice, in the Jesse Dawson Accidental Thriller series.

Book 1, A Difficult Woman, is out to some agents. Writing book 2 was a way to keep myself from emailing the agents every day. Thanks, #NaNoWriMo!


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Wow.. just suspended 2 accounts that where posting child porn.. :amaze:​ 😟

Be aware, I will never ever ever stand for such things. Even stronger: Ill save the IP and email and I will send this to the authorities.

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Before joining Mastodon had you participated or were active on BBS (dial-up) or forums (vBulletin style) in the past?

Boosts are appreciated for better sample sizes.

Hi there. Joining the exodus from Twitter to Mastodon. As a life long learner I thought QOTO should be the right home. Happy to share lessons learned from a very full life, and never shy to Ask for Help (Core Protocols). Anticipate making time to check in about weekly. Cheers!

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All cultures welcome.
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