Proper sailing! Rounded Capo Testa and there is just enough wind for this. 27 miles left to go, so worth the sweat of doing the pole dance on the foredeck. Main out the other side with a preventer on. Doing average 5.3 knots.

Hope the wind holds! 🤞

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Three point rigged telescopic pole. That's a foreguy, aft guy and uphaul, plus the working sheet, with the lazy sheet dangling down.

Rigging it this way is more work, but gives you more control, better trim and much more safety. The sail can be reefed or furled away with the pole staying in place. No swinging pole!

We have a dedicated uphaul and rig the guys each time we use this setup, although the foreguy is really the opposite main preventer.

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So much to learn!
Haven't heard of "preventers". What are they preventing?

@PiperPilotPaul A crash (uncontrolled/accidental) gybe, which is when the wind gets on the wrong side of the main and the boom comes flying across the cockpit at high speed. Bad for the rig and often deadly for anyone caught in the way.

On a 40 footer it will easily cave in a skull and then throw the corpse overboard. So best to avoid.

If sailing on a dinghy you just get a big swollen bump on your head and remember to keep it down next time 😃


Agree that an uncontrolled gybe is extremely bad for one's health.
How does a preventer help?

@PiperPilotPaul It's attached to the boom end pulling it forward. Opposite the main sheet. So it prevents the boom from moving. Only the sail backwinds.

You can then either correct the course (most crash gybes are caused by steering mistakes) or ease out the preventer and perform a controlled gybe.

OK - got it. It helped to see the preventer lines running to the bow in your picture.

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