My bagpipe chanter reed is down to 25 inH2O ! My son helped me get it down the last bit in the park.

The toddlers came over expecting a concert, but it was all maintenance last night.

I took some wood off the ridge of the reed, but it still clocked in at 30. Then I sanded it, and it came in at 25!

It's so much easier now. I have the issue that the pressure between strike-in and sounding is not very different, but it was sheer delight to have an easy reed.



Excellent that it is easier to play - always nice.
Did you notice a frequency change in the pitch?

@PiperPilotPaul A bit, but the last time I did that to a reed, my high-hand notes were too sqeaky.

This time, it was an even shift in pitch, and still sounds nice. I could play all day on this reed.

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