1. Find out about the Brave browser via a news article
2. Download Brave
3. Search online for more information about Brave
4. Uninstall Brave


@nuala Assuming you are still looking for a browser, I highly suggest LibreWolf

@Pixificial @nuala
Vivaldi browser is worth trying if you like having lots of configuration options, mail, calendar, and a feed reader.

@mathew Aside from features, one should also keep the licence of software in mind. Vivaldi is a proprietary software that you cannot see, study or modify its inner workings so it could be doing most sorts of malicious processes in the background without giving any chance for people to prove otherwise.

@mathew @Pixificial @nuala also not open source . And no support for PWA. That is something everyone should know cause I know for some it’s a deal breaker

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