i will simply assume that "git hub" is internet slang for "get husband"

Minetest is a FOSS alternative to Minecraft, and has just received a major update. Follow at:

➡️ @Minetest

It's available for Linux, Mac, Windows, Android and BSD from the official site:


The update makes it much easier to access game modes and mods. If you haven't tried it in a while, it might be worth another look.

Also check out this world-building project called Illuna:

➡️ @illunaminetest


#Minetest #Minecraft #Alternatives #FOSS #Gaming

Here is a : have a small decision with no significant consequences to make? Flip a coin, go on wheel decide, whatever. It doesn't really matter what is the result. If you don't like the result of the coin, do the opposite option, if you're happy about the result, do it. It may seem stupid, but it tricks you into doing what you really want.

Have you seen a spike in your battery autonomy since using . 9 hours like that never happened at all. @lewlepton what do you think

I'm looking for an affordable braille display because I'd like to get one to make to help reporting usability issue for people relying on braille.

I'd emphasize on OS installation, shell usage and command line tools. I may even use the computer screen-less :flan_think:

If it would be considered a bad idea, tell me.

Boost appreciated :flan_thumbs:

RT @derphilipp@twitter.com

I am often teaching people how to use git.
But this game is a … game changer. What a brilliant way to visualise git concepts and make it playful at the same time: ohmygit.org/
Thanks to @bleeptrack@twitter.com and @blinry@twitter.com

🐦🔗: twitter.com/derphilipp/status/

Rwandese Claver Bizimungu built an artificial waterfall and generating machinery from spare parts and scrap metals that eventually powered 60 homes in his area.

Each family that is connected to electricity pays only Rwf 1000 ($1.01) per month to him.

This Rwandan With No formal Education Built His Own Electric Power Plant newsweek.com/this-rwandan-no-e

As-tu déjà entendu parler du projet de #dictionnaire #libre fait par et pour les enfants, le #DicoDesAdos @dicoado ? Genre un vrai beau projet qui met l'#enfant et la #pédagogie au centre de ses préoccupations, sans rogner sur la recherche d'exhaustivité ?
Non ? Jamais ? Va falloir réparer ça, alors. ;)

"birbs are just air fish" - me, also someone else has probably said this too at some point in the past

I used to know this guy who was extremely homophobic, his last name was Wilcox... worst last name he could possibly have.

I used it all the time to make fun of him; every time he would make a homophobic remark I would respond "Ok there will-cocks, its not like they call you wont-cocks"

This is batshit crazy.
Of course the French language must be protected, but to ban people from choosing to pursue higher education in English is authoritarian and pointless.

Francophones only want to pursue cégep in English because they lacked the opportunity to pursue immersive learning in high school.
They only want to be bilingual. And of course, once you learn a language you don’t lose your other, so francophones going to English cégep won’t be “assimilated”

It will only drive people out of this province, pursuing higher education in Ontario or other English speaking provinces, and they might even stay, because they found a job there, the requirements in Quebec are different and they can’t go back, or they have all their friends there, their partner. It would be an economic disaster and will likely make the French language situation worse, not better.

Also, it’s pretty ironic coming from a government that is pledging to protect academic liberty (from teachers saying the n word)

Ça n’as pas de bon sens, bien sûr le français doit être protégé au Québec, mais le fait d’interdit l’enseignement en anglais est autoritaire et inutile.

Les francophones veulent aller au cégep en anglais parce qu’ils n’ont jamais eu l’opportunité d’apprendre l’anglais réellement, de façon immersive, dans leur parcours scolaire, ils veulent seulement être bilingue. Et on ne perds pas sa langue natale une fois qu’on en a apprise une nouvelle.

Tout ce que ça va faire, c’est un exode vers l’Ontario et les autres provinces anglophones du Canada. Ces québécois vont probablement très bien rester la bas. C’est probablement là bas qu’il vont rester car la formation sur place leur préparent pour le marché du travail de la bas, vont trouver leur partenaire la bas, etc. Tout cela va réduire le nombre de francophones au Québec.

C’est aussi vraiment ironique d’un gouvernement qui se dit pour la liberté académique.


Two types of employees on online work meetings when the camera is turned off (Me left cat)

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