Hi. We should probably post an . We’re Prostasia Foundation, a new kind of child protection organization. I think I’ll let our About page (found at us:

Protecting children from sexual abuse is a cause that everyone can unite behind. Often, however, the measures we take to combat child sexual abuse (CSA) are less effective than they should be, because they are driven by emotion rather than evidence. In striving to protect children from abuse, we may end up harming them and others.
Prostasia Foundation addresses this problem by…

  • helping to fund sound scientific research on CSA prevention.
  • engaging with diverse stakeholders whose voices are not normally heard.
  • addressing the human rights impacts of child protection laws and policies.
  • communicating the results of our research and engagement to policymakers, platforms, and the public.

This uniquely balanced, rights-respecting and evidence-based approach to CSA prevention allows us not only to protect children from abuse, but also to reduce the separate harms caused to children and others by our society’s predominantly reactive child protection agenda.

We accept donations. You can find more info about that here:

And, as of 2022 we are all-volunteer run. You can find more information about joining our all-volunteer staff here (LGBTQ+ people and sex workers are welcome and strongly encouraged to apply!):

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