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We are Prostasia Foundation, a child protection organization whose mission is prevention-focused, evidence-based and sex-positive. Find out more by watching our new introduction video featuring @DrGTenbergen.

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We're thrilled to announce that @DrGTenbergen will serve as the Prostasia Foundation's next Executive Director. With over a decade of experience as a renowned child protection researcher and an unwavering commitment to upholding human rights, Dr. Tenbergen's leadership will set the stage for a new era in our groundbreaking work.

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Hi. We should probably post an . We’re Prostasia Foundation, a new kind of child protection organization. I think I’ll let our About page (found at us:

Protecting children from sexual abuse is a cause that everyone can unite behind. Often, however, the measures we take to combat child sexual abuse (CSA) are less effective than they should be, because they are driven by emotion rather than evidence. In striving to protect children from abuse, we may end up harming them and others.
Prostasia Foundation addresses this problem by…

  • helping to fund sound scientific research on CSA prevention.
  • engaging with diverse stakeholders whose voices are not normally heard.
  • addressing the human rights impacts of child protection laws and policies.
  • communicating the results of our research and engagement to policymakers, platforms, and the public.

This uniquely balanced, rights-respecting and evidence-based approach to CSA prevention allows us not only to protect children from abuse, but also to reduce the separate harms caused to children and others by our society’s predominantly reactive child protection agenda.

We accept donations. You can find more info about that here:

And, as of 2022 we are all-volunteer run. You can find more information about joining our all-volunteer staff here (LGBTQ+ people and sex workers are welcome and strongly encouraged to apply!):

Dark money in the Crypto Wars: "the Heat Initiative, as opaque as it is new, introduces the obscured interests of billionaires to a dispute over the rights of ordinary individuals."

RT @AinslieHeasman: Final plenary at the @MakeSocietySafe conference today w/ Dr. Patrick Lussier highlighting sexual recidivism rates have been dropping for decades in US & Canada and are not the result of sex offender registration/notification laws.

We're the only child protection organization that refuses to compromise on your human rights and fundamental freedoms. Support our work with a donation:

"The STOP CSAM Act, as amended, would lead to censorship of First Amendment protected speech, including speech about reproductive health, sexual orientation and gender identity, and personal experiences related to gender, sex, and sexuality."

We don't rely on fearmongering or moral panic to grab attention because we believe abuse is best prevented when everyone has access to reliable information. Do you agree? Help us grow with a financial contribution:

"Instagram, in particular, has a history of failing to moderate harmful accounts despite Meta's anti-hate speech and harassment policies. Attacks have often targeted LGBTQ people, whom Meta has repeatedly claimed it is committed to supporting."

Donations aren't the only way to support our work. Our most passionate supporters choose to get involved directly as volunteers. You can learn more and see a list of available positions on our website:

Every year, we intercept thousands of searches for illegal content and direct those searching for it to resources that can help them stop. You can help us grow our impact by donating today:

"Like everything else schools provide free of charge to students such as books, laptops, bussing, and instruments, universal access to meals should be a no-brainer."

"When trains block a crossing for hours on end, kids risk their lives to get to school. The stopped trains also prevent ambulances and fire trucks from helping people in an emergency."

"The conservative Heritage Foundation, a think tank, has indicated that they support KOSA because it could be used to 'protect kids' from transgender subject matter online."

"More than a quarter of teenagers questioned said they feel anxious all or most of the time with a further 45% saying they feel anxious at least some of the time, with exams, school life, and peer pressure the being main reasons."

"Talking to teens about suicide isn't a fun conversation but it has to be had. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among people 10-24 years olds, having the conversation and checking in frequently is imperative to ensure teens have the knowledge to keep them earth side as long as possible."

From exposing abuse in the foster care system to defending your online privacy from misguided legislation, your support makes everything we do possible. Help us keep fighting with a donation today:

We are Prostasia Foundation, a child protection organization whose mission is prevention-focused, evidence-based and sex-positive. Find out more by watching our new introduction video featuring @DrGTenbergen.

This is what happens when fictional children are protected like real ones. Actual victims of abuse and exploitation are overlooked while law enforcement targets people for playing a video game.

"But perhaps banning social media — or heavily monitoring kids who use it, which is another common parental response — isn’t the most constructive solution to the problem. Perhaps, instead, we should focus more on helping kids learn how to safely navigate social media and manage online privacy and decision-making."

"It turns out that sexting may be a more complicated topic than I realized. In fact, telling a teen to never sext may be analogous to telling them to never have sex or never drink alcohol."

Prostasia is a proud sponsor of @Heal2End's Just Healing Retreat, which will gather in community to integrate the wide spectrum of gender, sexuality, and relationships that support and sustain the work of healing.

"Her ability to tackle complex subjects such as pedophilia and human trafficking with sensitivity and nuance, as seen in _I, Pedophile_, and her commitment to mental health advocacy through _I Need My Best Friend Back_, underscores her dedication to making films that matter."

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