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Hi. We should probably post an . We’re Prostasia Foundation, a new kind of child protection organization. I think I’ll let our About page (found at us:

Protecting children from sexual abuse is a cause that everyone can unite behind. Often, however, the measures we take to combat child sexual abuse (CSA) are less effective than they should be, because they are driven by emotion rather than evidence. In striving to protect children from abuse, we may end up harming them and others.
Prostasia Foundation addresses this problem by…

  • helping to fund sound scientific research on CSA prevention.
  • engaging with diverse stakeholders whose voices are not normally heard.
  • addressing the human rights impacts of child protection laws and policies.
  • communicating the results of our research and engagement to policymakers, platforms, and the public.

This uniquely balanced, rights-respecting and evidence-based approach to CSA prevention allows us not only to protect children from abuse, but also to reduce the separate harms caused to children and others by our society’s predominantly reactive child protection agenda.

We accept donations. You can find more info about that here:

And, as of 2022 we are all-volunteer run. You can find more information about joining our all-volunteer staff here (LGBTQ+ people and sex workers are welcome and strongly encouraged to apply!):

Passionate about prevention? The best way to make a difference is to become a member by setting up a recurring donation. There's something in it for you too, as members get perks depending on how much they give.

I’d much rather see Apple unban sex than ban the bird site


NEW from

Letter opposing Kids Online Safety Act, signed by,,,,,,,,,, etc.


"I was never taught what warning signs I should be worried about. I had no idea what grooming was or how it worked. I knew I wanted romance and sex, but I didn’t understand how those feelings could be exploited and make me into a target."

RT @AshleyLatke
The dems just passed a very similar policy in CA, have co-signed and bragged about writing SESTA/FOSTA, SISEA, EARN IT, KOSA, and a plethora of other “online safety” legislation all deceptively marketed as focused on saving kids while actually selling surveillance and censorship

"The poorly drafted 'Kids Online Safety Act' would make kids less safe, and would be weaponized to attack LGBTQ+ people and abortion rights."

RT @evan_greer
Congress should pass an actual privacy bill like instead of , which literally subjects kids to MORE privacy violations

As the year comes to a close, we would like to remind you that all donations until the rest of the year are doubled!

"Growing up, my understanding of consent was extremely limited. I was told by my parents that I shouldn’t let anyone touch my underwear area because “it was bad”. Why was it bad? Who knows, I was never told."

We need to make it unacceptable for politicians like Senator Blumenthal (D-CT) to continue using kids & grieving parents as pawns to advance legislation that does more harm than good. It's not okay to use harm to kids to justify legislation that does MORE harm to kids. Let's get this right.

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Big Tech companies ARE doing real harm to kids. But #KOSA won't make things better. Congress needs to pass real laws like #AICOA, #OAMA, and #ADPPA (which needs to be improved but is a good start) to chip away at Big Tech abuses. And we need robust #FTC enforcement too.

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If you want to add your name / make your voice heard against #KOSA you can sign this petition we're hosting @team. Be sure to call your Senators too and tell them to oppose #KOSA / S. 3663.

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Notably, a lot of LGBTQ groups from red and purple states signed on. These groups understand how right wing AGs and state legislatures will weaponize poorly drafted legislation like #KOSA against marginalized people.

Here's the full letter and list of signers

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has been going around claiming there is "no opposition" to #KOSA. This letter should put that lie to rest. Dozens of organizations signed including the #ACLU, GLAAD, GLSEN, National Center for Transgender Equality, Black and Pink, Access Now, American Library Association, The Human Trafficking Prevention Project, Reframe Health and Justice, Woodhull Freedom Foundation, Ranking Digital Rights, #Wikimedia Foundation, #TorProject, and lots more

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#KOSA would also weaken the digital security of young people by effectively forcing platforms to conduct identity verification (some 3rd party providers are already chomping at the bit to do this with facial recognition, get your face scanned every time you visit a site) @mmasnick wrote about this:

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Online community is a lifeline for many LGBTQ+ teens and young people, especially those with unsupportive or abusive parents. #KOSA would rip that away from them, while subjecting them to further surveillance and invasion. That's prob the point for bill sponsor
Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), who regularly attacks #transgender kids and teens as part of her speeches. The right wing Heritage Foundation is openly saying this will "stop Big Tech from making kids trans." Barf.

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It's not hard to imagine how an AG like #KenPaxton, or the AG of #Arkansas who is currently on a mission to attack #trans and #nonbinary kids, will interpret this new authority. They'll use it to demand that platforms #censor #LGBTQ+ content and ban kids and teens from accessing it.

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#KOSA has a lot of the same problems as #SESTA / #FOSTA and the #EARNitAct. It creates broad, poorly defined legal requirements that involve the government in dictating content moderation and content recommendation practices, and then leaves it up to state AGs to enforce.

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There have been widespread rumors that Senator Blumenthal (D-CT) and other Dems are pushing hard to include this disastrous bill in the "must pass" omnibus spending package.

That cannot and must not happen. This bill would be weaponized by rightwing AGs to target LGBTQ+ community online.

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