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The fascinating snow globe effect of a soap bubble freezing.

Video credit: Lorie Shaull / CC BY 2.0
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Life always comes back. Somewhere in Hawaii, this lava trail got some company: life.

hey all!! i need your help.

my instance permanently shut down with zero warning and my last backup was from september, but didn't realize following exports weren't included in the archive.

please boost to hopefully help me find my followers

How many holes are in a straw?

#Poll #PleaseShare #curious

Minnesota is having a flag redesign! I recorded my first impressions of the candidate flags for bonnie bees:

Pixelfed is an Instagram-style photo network on the Fediverse. You can follow Pixelfed accounts from Mastodon and vice versa.

For example, @Iancylkowski is a Pixelfed account, but you can view and interact with it entirely in Mastodon too.

To create a Pixelfed account, find a server at:


You can use Pixelfed through the web or apps.

The official apps aren't ready yet, but there are good third party ones such as @vernissage for iPhone/iPad and @PixelDroid for Android

Currently looking to file a criminal complaint against Meta on the basis that their processing of personal data (which has already been declared as illegal under the two legal bases they chose since 2018) breached criminal law with regards to computer trespass and misuse of computing resources.

The scripts they placed on our devices for the purpose of tracking our behaviour were criminal trespass (accessing a computer without consent and use of computing resources without consent).


I just filed a criminal complaint against Meta Platforms Ireland Ltd. under Section 2 and Section 5 of the Criminal Justice (Offences Relating to Information Systems) Act 2017 for:

"illegally deploying surveillance technology to my computers for the purpose of monitoring my behaviour, as they had no reasonable excuse or lawful authority to do so."


"illegally intercepting transmission of data within an information system (my computing devices) for the purpose of monitoring my behaviour."

@viticci Guess you iCloud sync doesn’t sell more devices for . Unfortunately everything that doesn’t directly contribute to their bottom line is essentially broken, to various degrees.

Many years ago the <major AV vendor at the time> I was working for took the highly unusual step of stopping all new features development to only fix bugs for six months. Sales wasn’t happy,but customers were.

I wish  would slow down on features in favour of functionality.

@thatprivacyguy @bzed Maybe a new dishwasher should come with a small angle grinder so that you can dull those external blades before installing it.

Gotta love being a geek - you can write a script to automate a bunch of mundane processes and save yourself hundreds of hours of work...

@Cal If you happen to be using an iPhone or iPad, and you still wish to log in, you can use some of the browsers like Avast or Opera. They both have their issues, so this solution is far from being ideal. Safari can also block ads as long as you install one of the ad-blocker extensions. Brave is a strange case, because on iOS it seems to block the ad-blocker-blocker just fine, whereas on iPadOS it can’t do it properly.

If you want to let people know about your account on here, it's important to include your full account address (also known as a "Fediverse address").

If you paste a full Fediverse account address into the search box on any server, it will always make the account profile appear, even if previous searches drew a blank.

You can exchange account addresses with others just like you might exchange email addresses or phone numbers.

Find out more here:


It's time for the biggest episode of the year: three hours of State of the Apps!

@coffeegeek Subscriptions are an even bigger thing. If I enjoy watching about 95% of the videos of a particular channel, a subscription is well justified. If the percentage is lower, I’m absolutely not going to click that button, because that would make my home screen a complete mess.

Today I filed a formal complaint against #YouTube with the Irish Data Protection Commissioner for their illegal deployment of #adblock detection technologies.

Under Article 5(3) of 2002/58/EC YouTube are legally obligated to obtain consent before storing or accessing information already stored on an end user's terminal equipment unless it is strictly necessary for the provisions of the requested service.

In 2016 the EU Commission confirmed in writing that adblock detection requires consent.

CoffeeGeek is Leaving Twitter.

CoffeeGeek is ceasing its participation on the Twitter / X platform, moving our main social media interaction to Mastodon. Full details as to why, below.

Yesterday's toots about serial/parallel hybrid cars vs. trains are really pushing me to make a video about hybrid car tech.

Here's the thing lots of people don't seem to know: the most efficient hybrid powertrains *also* do the trick or keeping the engine at optimum RPM/efficiency *but the engine can still contribute directly to the spinning of the wheels*

It's the technique that makes diesel-electric efficient but even more so because it largely skips conversion losses.

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