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Is anyone else having problems watching videos on while having enabled? I’ve been wondering when YT forces me to switch to another platform, but I didn’t expect it to happen today.

One thousand seconds is roughly 17 minutes.
One million seconds is roughly 12 days.
One billion seconds is roughly 32 years.

One thousand minutes is roughly 17 hours.
One million minutes is roughly 1.9 years.
One billion minutes is roughly 1,900 years.

Cortex 145: Problems Are Meant To Be Solved

Grey is in conflict with a thermostat, while Myke has finished his assignment on Mood Tracking. Myke discusses the challenge of juggling the workloads of two businesses, and your hosts take you behind the scenes of a Cortex Brand meeting, revealing their concerns about a significant bet they are about to undertake.

Transparency has always been key for us, especially concerning our finances.

We're pleased to share that we're in a comfortable financial position currently, and we feel it's the right time to give a little back. We've chosen to support Pixelfed with a donation of 350 CAD.

They're doing commendable work in offering an open-source, decentralized photo-sharing platform that aligns with our values of privacy and ad-free content. Every bit helps in the Fediverse.

We need your support!

We desperately need to grow our donations or consider cutting costs (like sunsetting non-essential services) to remain sustainable.

Besides Pixelfed, we also run, and

Donations can be made via:
Patreon - (preferred)
PayPal - (preferred)

Spread the word! #pixelfed

Pixelfed, a decentralized alternative to Instagram, added a migration feature for grabbing your images. I tried it out and wrote a guide:


It's apparently impossible for people to take information in before barfing their thoughts out.

Lots of people saying "NACS is a tragedy because it doesn't support three-phase" when, y'know, I'm pretty sure I spent some time talking about how we just flat out don't have three-phase power in homes.


Anyway, I'll shut up. Overall, the response has been much better than I figured. I was very worried about how this video would be received!

Why US Malls Are Dying (And Why European Malls Aren't)

Ok so we got a lot of you uncomfortable enough to leave #twitter , then we got people off #reddit , I hope people will get their heads out of their asses and stop using #chrome now?

If you’re tempting tech-savvy (welcome to mastodon!) you really need to learn who are the good guys and bad guys. Chrome was great like 10+ years ago, it’s not 2010 anymore.

✨ Innovation at every angle

It takes a brave passion for us to admit our old logo wasn't enough

Introducing PI𝕏ELFED

Since #reddit killed third-party apps (RIP RIF) I drastically reduced my usage of the page.

Haven’t looked at #Reddit in a few weeks, and I really don’t think I want to support that place anymore.

Has taken me some time to look into #kbin and #Lemmy, and I have to say, I’m quite impressed. Even with the *much* reduced user base there’s enough good content and discussion to make a worthwhile alternative.

Did take a bit of work to figure things out and where to subscribe though. But now that’s done, I’m enjoying it. Highly recommend the Voyager app if you want the Apollo experience.

It is 22/7 ≈ π approximation day! Reminder it is also the last day for MEGA Grant applications. It’s a simple process; if you have a ridiculous public maths project please do get it in the mix.

Cortex #144: Absurd Temperature Management

Grey has had to vacate his garage office, Myke wants to thank Cortexans, Cortex joins the Notion Nation, and Myke has hired a personal assistant. Also, a lightning round of exciting Beta features.

@TechConnectify teasing out the difference between correlation and causation is critical if you actually want to take action about something like this.

In case you missed it, all links on Mastodon count as 23 characters towards your limit, no matter how many characters the link really is.

So, you don't need to use link shorteners on Mastodon as they won't actually affect the link's length.

Mastodon does this because it's better for everyone's privacy to avoid link shortener services, it means people can see what they're clicking on, and the link won't stop working if the shortener service shuts down.

More info at:


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