is back up safely post-upgrade. Going to cleanup some CSS that ooks a bit off since the upgrade but otherwise everything seems to be working.

QOTO is now on the QOTO variant of v2.9.3 of Mastodon. Enjoy!

@stevenroose yes we have several modifications to source code on QOTO's instance.

Is it open-source? What kind of modifications?

@stevenroose Sure is, nothing too major in terms of modifications on the core side. Support for math rendering, different size post max. Most of what is impressive right now about QOTO as a whole is our infrastructure right now. Aside from just hosting several other federated services for STEM collaboration we do it all on an elastic docker based 100% automatic infrastructure. So it scales for load automatically.

The backup system is also fully automatic and replicated off sight.

We do plan future changes to core astodon on top of what we already have, but not sure when that will be done. For now our about/more page describes what features the server offers and how to use it.

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