Important QOTO announcement!

We are currently debating language rule changes in our Discourse forum. The current direction is that we may eforce in the next day a english-only rule for the server (though likely we will make an exception for accounts that are already established on the server that dont speak english). We havent made the decision final yet but we will be in the next day.

Please, if this topic is important to you please contribute to the conversation on our Discourse forum. So far no one has objected but if anyone does we would like to hear from you..

QOTO has now moved to closed-registrations. Users are free to invite friends to the server whom will be given priority. All future users will be screened for acceptance.

In one month our GitLab instance will have been running for a whole year.

We just upgraded our license and activated it. We have Ultimate (usually costs 100$ per user per month) for another year, free to all our users. Enjoy!

the ToS has been officially been updated after an in depth conversation with the community.

No policy changes occur, we have simply changed the wording to more accurately reflect the moderation policies we have always upheld.

Be kind, be respectful, and you will always have a place here!

You can see our new ToS here:

All of 's services have recently been upgraded to their latest versions. Let us know if you see any problems. Below is the full list of effected services.

NextCloud -

GitLab -

GitLab pages (including user hosted pages) - https://*

FunkWhale -

PeerTube -

Discourse -

Did you know has one of the highest user retention rate of any server in the fediverse?

We do not and have never deleted inactive accounts. Despite this ~25% of our registered users are still active after over 2 years of operation. Compare this to most other servers and we see typically a retention of ~10% or less.

To me this is the most important statistic to measure the health and success of a server, ultimately it tells me the people who come to QOTO ultimately enjoy it here and want to stay!

Whats the most important feature you'd like to see added to QOTO?

Small update

The lab image we added earlier in the lower left hand corner didnt quite look right on darker themes for most of the day. It has since been resolved and looks great on all themes again.

If you had switched themes for this reason you can now switch back if you wish.

As pointed out by our moderator @design_RG There are two different ways to view Remote Timelines in QOTO and they behave very differently so its important to understand the difference.

The first way is Domain Subscription, you access this through your preferences under the follower section. Using these settings you can create special lists that pull in an instances local timeline. When you use this setting the list starts empty and it populates it as QOTO sees posts from users from that server in our federated feed. This option may not show the entire timeline.

The other way is what Rob explains in the quoted post, is to go to a user's toots and click the properties button, from there you can pull up the remote timeline as a column in your local QOTO UI. This feed uses the remote instances API to directly to pull up their local timeline. You can even pint he column if you want to keep it. This has the advantage of being a more complete timeline but if the remote server has this feature turned off you may not be able to view it all. Obviously the remote server needs to support it, most servers do however.

QT: []

Rob G. new January 2020 Features Added - 6 - Quick View Remote Timeline. This is something I have just discovered, as I prepared screenshots for ...

We updated the mascot in the lower-left corner of the web interface. Instead of using the Mastodon elephant it is now a drawing of some lab equipment.

I hope this helps remind people that everyone who comes to this instance is a STEM professional or enthusiast. We will update this from time to time with different STEM themes.

One of our moderators @design_RG wrote this excellent article on the QOTO discourse server that explains all the new features in QOTO along with screen shots and a detailed explanation of how to use it. Its worth a read if your feeling a bit confused:

For anyone not on the QOTO instance or doesnt use the web interface here is a screenshot of what the instance ticker looks like in the feed. Its optional and can be turned off by why would you want to!

The colors are based on what instance a user uses, red and yellow for QOTO, white and blue for mastodon, gold and grey for Pleorma. The icon is the favicon used for the server and updated every few days.

The QOTO instance ticker accidentally introduced into the other themes have been removed/fixed. Should be back to normal. Refresh your browser if needed, if your on the default theme or a ticker theme you will see the new QOTO colors otherwise things should look like the classic theme again if your not on a theme with tickers.


So appears the recent ticker update effected all themes and not just the default theme as intended. I will have this fixed soon, sorry for the inconvenience.

Minor Update just went down to the instance ticker. The instance ticker now has its own custom icon and colors. Since we are a significant fork from vanilla mastodon it made sense that we have our own unique colors to represent QOTO instance and derivatives.

Please let us know if anyone sees any unintended side effects or if anyone doesnt like the new change. We can always fix it.

We are back from a successful upgrade!

Only one new feature this time. We added Instance Ticker headers in the default theme. It is now much easier to see which server someone is from and what software that server runs beneath a persons name.

If you dont like the new default tickers and preferred the old theme you can set it in the themes to use the default theme without tickers.

Enjoy the new feature.

Sometime a bit later today we will do a minor server update. The functionality being addressed:

1) Adding instance ticker symbols below usernames to easily identify what server they come from (can be turned off)

2) Fixing the spelling from Qoto to QOTO where it occurs in the UI.

Should we add the color-coded server indicator from the themes into the default theme (keeping everything else as-is)?

We recently significantly expanded the federation relays for which is a member of. This will significantly increase the volume of our federated feed and as such improve results when using our Domain Subscription feature to subscribe to another instance's local timeline as well as account and keyword subscriptions.

We are currently a member of 14 different Relays.

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