Did you know provides free personalized mailing lists to all its users through our server?

Each category on our discourse server is bound to an incoming email address like . Anyone who sends an e-mail to one of these addresses will automatically have the content of that email posted as a new topic in that category. Similarly people can reply to the emails as well. You can even configure your account so you never need to login to discourse at all and just use it like a traditional mailing list.

We provide a special category on our server called "projects". Anyone on our server can request a category as their own personal project space. Aside from being able to control the content within your own project space you also get your own customized e-mail address to act as a mailing list. This is useful for open-source project managers who want a way to provide technical support via email, but it can be used on non-technical projects as well.

If your interested just post a request in the projects category on our Discourse server found here:

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