While we wait for the system administrator to start flipping the bits and begin the upgrade I wanted to update everyone on what this new QOTO update will be bringing us.

* Fixes character limit when using mobile apps. On compliant mobile apps it should now be possible to make full size posts of 65,535 characters just as you always could in the web interface.

* Local-only / non-federated toots will now be possible. This lets you make toots that show up int he Local feed but not in the Federated feed.

* The link to the source code on our about page will now correctly post to the QOTO source code

* Plus all the great features QOTO is already known for like in-line math latext is still available.

* And of course we also pull in all the great features added in the core Mastodon 3.0.1 releases such as trending hashtags, better media support, better user migration capabilities, and better management over live-refreshing fast-moving feeds.

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