I'm almost ready to launch my blog again, but the goddamn theme doesn't want to paginate the index's post 😩

If anyone works with #hugo and know how to fix pagination, please, you're more than welcome to help in the Hugo's community


I'd be thankful if you could help (if something is needed, please reach me!)

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I'm light user of hugo currently and tried to tweak existing theme.
In my index.html template there is included list.html template. The list.html has to be / should be in _default layout folder...
But not very good in templating...

@Rado1 I tried it, but it didn't work... It's the only problem I got with the theme, the damn pagination :blobugh:


@captainepoch Do you writing your theme from the scratch or tweaking existing one?


@captainepoch Hmm. Then I will not be able to help, I'm fighting with one template as well (not working properly since some version of hugo) and I'm not good with it as well.
Will ask the forum in next days and will see the response...

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