Make your next discovery using #Rastermap, a visualization method for large-scale neural data. Paper now out: (click on the gif)

PhD alert! Fully funded PhD with an autumn start in Glasgow, using MRI and in vivo methods in rat to study a newly-identified brain region that may play a role in chronic pain. Please RT! #Neuroscience #FindAPhD

Just uploaded a dataset to Zenodo:
"Extracellular recordings and juxtacellular labelling with glass electrodes in the mouse medial septum and hippocampus"

These are the original recordings from the following publications:
Joshi et al Neuron 2017 (
Viney et al eLife 2018 (
Salib et al J Neurosci 2019 (

We used glass electrodes to simultaneously record local field potentials in the pyramidal cell layer of dorsal CA1 of the #hippocampus and the #medialseptum along with single medial septal cells. At the end of each recording we entrained the cell to current pulses (modulation) using the juxtacellular labelling technique. This delivered neurobiotin into the recorded cell for subsequent recovery in #brain sections.

Data may be of interest to people investigating hippocampal network #oscillations (theta, gamma, ripples) and #spike timing.

Please advertise our 3rd annual Autumn School on

Computational Neuroscience, Neurotechnology and Neuro-inspired AI

25th-31st Oct 2023

in Ulster University, Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Hybrid in-person/online

I'm hiring a postdoc! If you'd like to work on a research project that fits into either of these two research areas ( then send a CV, half page project proposal & contact info for 3 references to with subject "Postdoc Application"

It has been an absolute joy to be part of this exciting collaboration. Thank you Sam Sober and
#simonsfoundation for the opportunity and for bringing together this wonderful group of colleagues and friends. Check out the 🤯 EMG recordings:

Are there any #Electrophysiologists out there who record raw data on many channels, and would share their secrets for not having to buy additional hard drives every month? One 20 min session = 20Gb 😅​

Basically: what is your data management system? 🙏​

#Electrophysiology #data

Serious question: with the ability to use effectively as many characters as we want, is there still a benefit of breaking longer toots in to threads?


Applications are open (due Feb 15) for MIT Brain & Cognitive Sciences' Post-Baccalaureate Research Scholars Program! Two-year, fully funded, intended for individuals from under-represented groups and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Please retweet!


Friends of the #learningSalon, start the year off right & join us
📢 📢
Fri Jan 13th
Myself, John Krakauer, @melaniemitchell & Claire Sun are excited to chat with
📢 Anne Collins 📢
about RL and working memory!

Link to the talk:

* The #LearningSalon is an online interdisciplinary forum, with brief talks & 2-hour discussions on #neuroscience #AI #psychology #philosophy

I am going to present on mastodon to our department next week. Does anyone have a slide deck about mastodon and the fediverse work that I could use so I don't have to reinvent the wheel?

Applications are open for the 2023

Paris Spring School in Optical imaging and electrophysiological recording in neuroscience

New #introduction for 🙂​

My group investigates and defines cell types and neural circuits of the #thalamus, #hippocampus, and #cortex that contribute to spatial #memory processes.
These processes break down in #Alzheimer's disease. To understand the causes/triggers of #neurodegeneration, we study early-stage #Tau #pathology in the human #brain and in mouse models.

I previously defined various types of retinal ganglion cells using ex vivo #patchclamp recordings during my PhD in #Basel, before moving to #Oxford to work on #GABAergic #neurons of the #hippocampus, followed by the #medialseptum. My favourite technique is in vivo #extracellular recordings and #juxtacellular labelling as it enables identification of single #cells based on their firing patterns, #axon terminal distribution, and #neurochemical profile.

As an #experimentalist, my expertise is primarily in vivo #neurophysiology and #neuroanatomy. I am also interested in #consciousness, the origins of #memory, and regulation of #neuronal activity and #behaviour by #neuropeptides.

#neuroscience folks: need examples in nervous systems of a bowtie architecture - in signaling pathways (e.g., calcium signaling) where a ton of inputs go into a fairly small central core and then a ton of outputs fan out. Are there any neural structures that work like that? non-neural examples:
Anything like that, structurally, in biological nervous systems?

Rhythmic coordination and ensemble dynamics in the hippocampal-prefrontal network during odor-place associative memory and decision making


Our 2023 Credibility Prizes recognise outstanding examples to make neuroscience as credible as possible.

There's a cash prize for the student category, and all winners receive passes to the BNA 2023 International Festival of Neuroscience.

Nominations are open right now and close on 30 January. Nominees can be working in any neuroscience field.

Full details:

#neuroscience #reproducibility #replicability #reliability #robustness #openscience

📢​ Hiring a postdoc (or highly qualified PhD student)!

We need your ideas and enthusiasm at the @DRCMR for a 2-year postdoc (or 3-year PhD) in cognitive computational neuroimaging.

Great lab in the most liveable city in the world!

Get in touch with @dav_meder or just apply.

#neuroscience #postdoc #fMRI

The wonderful Paris Spring School is open for applications!

Several students and postdocs from our lab went on this course over the years and they found it very enriching. Learn from the masters! #OpticalImaging and #electrophysiology in #neuroscience.

The course runs from 3rd May to 16th May in Paris, France.

Reupping this announcement for the #ECN -deadline is approaching...

The Einstein Center for Neurosciences (ECN) in Berlin is now recruiting students for its PhD program! Students currently enrolled in a MSc program and expecting to graduate before October 2023 are encouraged to apply.

Our application portal is open now:

Closing date January 15th 2023
!Please boost!
#neuroscience #berlin #PhD

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