I can see that my multicolour LED lightbulb is making yellow light out of red and green if I look at it from just the right angle, can see the red and green outside the yellow. Magenta, cyan and yellow are kinda red, blue and yellow.....kinda

Time to start some experimental cooking with the new slow cooker.
Roast potatoes ya say?
Prove it.

Neighbours are listening to the most awful radio station.
This stuff ain’t music bro
Where’s the melody?
It just be noise!

Seems been functioning with low level debilitating anxiety for days and days now. I love diazepam. I just feel normal 15 mins later. Amazing. Should have taken some days ago.

Now I recall I never understood mixing of primary colours when they are lights.
And now it strikes me as strange I never wondered why printer ink was magenta, cyan and yellow before today and not pigments red, blue and green. hurt my brain.

“Green and yellow make blue”
“Are you sure about that?”
Her disappointed face when blue did not emerge from the mixed yellow and green food colouring.
I thought she mis spoke not misunderstood.

US Politics Kavanaugh 

This Kavanaugh stuff really is demoralising.
The rage-aholic seen this week seem irrelevant or invisible to some people.
He can’t even pretend to be impartial long enough to get thru the job interview for the US Supreme Court. But it won’t matter he’ll get voted in anyway. He lied to their faces, they don’t care. Literally selecting random people would be better, at least that way no one would know who to bribe and network with. democracy is broken.

I think I am finally cured of reading about Trump and Brexit tho. My eyes just glaze over and I don’t understand the words any more and my brain shuts down. Much better.

Actually had quite a productive day today. But my arms still have fibro sunburn, and I feel like crap.
Managed to write 500 words of rubbish and clear out old University notes.

Been very super ill past few days. Over did organising my life. Been rewarded with the fibromyalgia fatigue, pain and fog.

My blood glucose monitor has proved to me fat smooths out blood sugar levels.
Sugar/carbs without fats really overwhelms insulin supply.
Beginning to suspect “low fat” foods are not as “healthy” as advertised.

Aw, Jacqueline Pearce.
was first TV show I was utterly obsessed about.

Oh yeah I forgot I have been ill for a really long time.

First Toot, don’t really know what to write. I am escaping from that other place.
I like to befriend .
learning stuff, being nice to people.

teaching myself
Love mostly with yarn.
Watch and -fi TV game of thrones, Grimm. Buffy, babylon5, firefly etc.

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