Nature says you can have your cake but you can’t eat it. Chad Orzel the writer of the incredible How to Teach Quantum Physics to Your Dog spoke to me about most startling elements the Principle.

Astronomers have directly imaged a supermassive black hole emitting a powerful jet for the first time. The image of the black hole in M87 could help better understand this powerful and violent phenomenon. W/@SPACEdotcom

By now you’ve no doubt read about the observing that are the most distant and earliest ever seen, but how can astronomers be sure these aren’t more recent and closer?

Scientists are having a blast with the & this picture of the aftermath of a supernova completely blew me away. SPACEdotcom are awesome for letting me write about this! What an incredible time to be a science journalist!

I spoke to Xavier Calmet about how he and his colleagues put Steven Hawking’s information paradox to rest, discovering how information could be rescued from

While you enjoy a cold one on spare a thought for the Parker Solar Probe spacecraft which will brave blistering temperatures to make its 15th close pass of the sun today! Cheers!

Typical. You wait ages to see two in collide them two come along at once. Astronomers caught this type of merger for the first time with NASA’s Chandra X-ray observatory telescope.

Writing SpacedotCom’s explainer on the ESA’s CHEOPS spacecraft was a special thrill for me. I covered the launch announcement in Bern in person back in 2019 & now here I am explaining this remarkable hunting mission over 3 years later. What a ride!

I spoke to @BTRadford about a current trend that suggests the phases of the moon can help select a “soulmate.” I also looked at some simple numbers that suggest the is pseudoscience.

The ASTRID simulation of the universe revealed a rare triple quasar system collided to birth a black hole with the mass equal to every star in the Milky Way combined. I spoke to Harvard researcher Yueying Ni about the observation.

Located at the edge of the solar system the is home to a fascinating host of icy objects from dwarf planets to “snowmen.” I spoke to @CampionUR astronomer Samatha Lawler about this fascinating region of

Not all black holes are cosmic monsters consuming anything that comes their way. Scientists have long theorised about tiny atom-sized born just after the and new research suggests how we could find them!

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"Hubble Space Telescope spots three galaxies about to collide" by SPACE-dot-com / @RobertLea - Three galaxies 2.5M light years away are 50,000 light years apart, spiraling inward. When their central black holes merge, they will be one. #NASA #astronomy

Astronomers have spotted the first system destined to one day go kilonova when its collide. I spoke to Noel Richardson about his findings and the Fong Group’s Jillian Rastinejad about the importance of observing a kilonova progenitor.

Astronomers have observed new aurorae over the four largest moons of . The aurorae reveals the composition the moons’ atmospheres and some suprises!

The has opened Pandora’s Cluster in a stunning new image revealing its hidden secrets. The key to this development was provided by over hundred years ago,

The has revolutionised , but are ready for the next big Space Telescope to join this and . Meet the as Luz Angela Garcia explains what it means for and Samson A. Johnson from NASA explains how it will hunt

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