I just revived my blog, which was a little sleepy for a while, with a new post about the first ever described surface rupture (that of the 1891 Nobi Mw~7.5 earthquake in central Japan). 1/n

The 1891 fault rupture was indeed perfectly described and interpreted by Bunjiro Kotô in a 1893 article. It is admirably imaged by a B&W photograph in Kotô's article, and by this delicate anonymous watercolour painting 👇🏼, perhaps the first artist view of an active tectonic fault.

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My Tectoldies blog is about “the beauty of tectonics – the art of geological sections & other tectonic sketches.” Feel free to explore and comment previous posts. I'll toot about some of them soon.

Link to the whatercolour painting of the Midori fault scarp at Kyoto University rare materials digital archive:


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@RobinLacassin Fascinating.

You might also be interested in Maria Graham who described an 1822 earthquake in Chile and published her observations in Transactions of the Geological Society in 1824 and was used as a source by Charles Lyell in Principles of Geology.

great article. That watercolor is definitely easier to interpret than the photo.

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