I'm leaving Masto, just I left g+. It doesn't do anything for me. :( I'll just stick to my blog. Many thanks for all the fish.

Geotechnical - Our local creek is experiencing uncontrolled erosion. Partly a fault of cutting through the last caprock.

Drone delivery. There's a big river between them that is nasty to cross.

The warm Gulf air is being pushed back by cold air. No warmth for us.

Saturday night is slow on the big stream. I'm glad everybody has a life. :)

Warning, gross picture of seal 

Seal rinses with netypot. :)

Pertaining to ocean surface temps, here's a small spot over 30c. Most of the ocean has open convection and an ability to spin out plumes of warm air. This place is in the S.Pac. is rather confined.

All the fediverse is abuzz on this.


I don't think it does anything but put Oz in a hole.

Since the warmies are conjecturing to extremes, I thought I would conjecture. It's going to get extremely cold as we slide into the Little Ice Age. All the big housese north of Toronto will be abandoned, as they are too expensive to heat. We'll all live underground, all built by BoringCities, as opposed to GoogleCities. All transport is underground. :)

I'm taking a bigger hunk of my home-made cbd oil at night. It has thc at about 2:1. I'm finding that I'm sleeping well, no morning aches, and I feel 10 years younger. I'll keep increasing until it interferes with my midnight ablutions. :)

Good geotechnical story. This will increase potential earthquake damage by a factor of 10.

This is neat, but studies with the thousands of floater monitors have show that ocean surface temperature cannot exceed 30c, before wild convection cools it.

I regularly dip into the firehose and quickly try to extract something technical before it scrolls off. :)

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