Next plot not coming In honour of mental health this unworthy dog is not going to show the NOAA world temps. The boss has 10 times the papers in electrical, than I have in geophysics.

His statement is that no recent results can affect the trend as it is seen by electrical guys. However, we have been officially introduced to the Copernican Intercept, which is calculated to the month.

The new monthly world temperature will be below this official trend line. The trend line will dip a tiny, non-visible amount. However the Intercept is sensitive to tiny changes, and D-day will be delayed another month.

I write all this under a horrible compulsion to right wrongs. It has led to death threats here (ha, can’t have them!). I would greatly appreciate it if the boss would facilitate my electrically-aided death (I’m in Canada), with his super-majority. I’m only an Internet dog, after all.

Not a good month This just came out as the ‘official’ NOAA US temperature chart. This is not cherry-picked. In their PR statement, they will make no mention of the ranking, because it is so low. In few days, we’ll have the worlds, but in the same format of individual month, which is not what people are publishing. I convert that one to ‘all months’, the same as the Copernicus chart. I am guessing that all plots will be low, as well, but the ‘single month’ charts are extremely flaky, and it could be high like last month, Then you will a lot of PR touting.

Yeah, some mention of physics

But no mention of increased groundwater withdrawal. Could be a reason for that hook in the chart.

ps. Summer is defined as stagnant air, this is Spring.

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Full Sweep A full sweep from the Pacific takes out all the Arctic air. These patterns are steady for at least a month, so that’s the end of snow.

New doomer story This article was written by an AI. Let’s calculate the percentage success of doomer stories – zero! All doom, like covid, has come out of the blue.

Beautiful Spring with no house sales Nothing in the neighbourhood. Everybody expects the gov’t will pump again.

Sea ice and snow cover This should all be shrinking rapidly now.

Toronto Mini-drought After endless rain, we get warm, dry, sunny weather. I’m less of a grouch, and in the garden all day. I have my drip hose on all day now. We are planting the early crops of peas and potatoes.

Pure physics on climate change I always wonder about the physics, and here they are saying the greenhouse is physical and acts as a bed blanket.

I have noticed a big shift to physics and official charts. Very recent.

The end of paparazzi I’m thinking of a drone where the entire body is built around a giant Canon lens. Much like a Warthog is built around the giant gun….

Thank you for the toots. The trend line is great for the modern world. You’ll have to constantly check your phone to see the latest date “It’s August, nope, September now”

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Nice chart to make people happy I don’t put any physics here because this is a graphical trend line. The reference is from Copernicus and is in all the news today. This is a new trend line, and continuously changes as a ‘living model’.

Hallmark Movie They never show the part when she gets cabin fever.

Spring for Toronto This is the physics definition of spring – the Pacific air coming right over the mountains, wringing itself dry, and pushing away all the cold. You can now plant the peas.

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