Snow front hits like a brick Just finished the dog walk when this hit. I’m not putting out the garbage bins tonight.

Just got in Our for a dog walk, very quiet, then just as we were hitting the driveway, KAPOW - a huge gust of wind, and horizontal snow, giving me a skin treatment.

Who is paying? Pro-chat is now online. We know that freemo-richie-rich will get it, but who else? Won’t be me….

UK gets snow The sea water temps are going down again. Perhaps the Gulf Stream wasn’t staging a comeback performance yet.

California storms again I’ve been waiting for this. One of the benefits of using physics. We are waiting for Arctic blasts to push down the plumes to California. This is now happening. After this series, even the guard will say the drought is over. :) I think this forecast is 80%.
They should also know that this may be the pattern for next year, as well.

North America blob is huge And the winds are behind it. It is supposedly going to break soon, but I can’t see how.

A strange world In the idyllic world of Canada, we have a province which shall not be named. They have done a lot of things that others might call racist, and they are noted for sticking together, provided that is ‘pure wool’ or ‘old stock’. The slightest mention that they are racist yields tremendous ‘methinks they doth protest too much’. That is our world. And they don’t read this, so, … whew. You can live a happy life ignoring them… ps. I never said anything.

First chart shows world temps down This continues on a theme from 2016. We are in a big dive. The physics is showing that our ‘heat engines’ of the ocean tropical belts are turned off. We are all living on residual heat and that is leaving us, like camping in a thin sleeping bag.

Fart in the wind The fart does not change the course of the wind. That’s the same with ‘polar vortex’ explanations that are constantly spewing on the media. The true polar vortex is up by the stratosphere, in near-vacuum conditions. It cannot do anything to surface winds. And the jet stream is an effect, like a shadow. However, we all love a good story….
The physics predicted all this, but lets keep putting up windmills to run electric cars…

AI spearheads spear phishing Not right at this minute, but I see it coming. It will help those guys with their English.

North America and Siberia switch bodies The white of 50 below has shifted over to us. It was in Siberia long enough…

Temp to go to -24C The long-range forecast keeps getting colder. Toronto has the lake and Lake Huron hasn’t frozen solid yet, so I doubt they will hit -30.

Snowflakes 2 They’ll never do the physics for this, because it conflicts with the Nasa dogma. They destroyed their atmosphere chamber because it showed that their ozone dogma was false. They have a world monopoly on atmospheric physics, and have chosen to eliminate all of it. Can we expect anybody to pick it up? Nope…
Anyway, had they a chamber, we could design experiments on how snowflakes form. I have come up with a hypothesis and thought experiments. It would be fun….

Beauty Cameras

End of Botox. Merely dictate that all pictures taken of aging movie stars use AI beauty cameras. No more need to worry about reality….

Charts are coming World temperature charts are coming out for the next week or two. Charts are like ink blots if you don’t know the physics behind them. You can imagine any sort of thing, and I won’t argue with you, because I am terrible at it.
All the world temp charts have the characteristic of rising a lot up to 2016 and then limping along, usually going down. Like bitcoin. But, with temperature, you don’t lose money, you can discuss it forever….

Snowflakes These remain nearly impossible to grow in the lab, except the guy who grew a single flake on the tip of a rabbit hair. The physics of doing it on-mass is amazing, and hasn’t been done, as far as I know. Every time you try to form ice crystals, you’ll get everything but a snowflake.
Actually doing it would require a hypothesis, and a risk of falling flat on your face. Nobody will do this….

All wind systems continue to be chaotic Everything is changing by the hour. We have a series of nice cold air blobs descending on NA.

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