Playing Minecraft. There is a great deal to the game, but it's absolutely more fun with friends & family. I like running my own server, most of the time. It's really the only defense I have against Staff-Abuse. I really *REALLY* hate Staff-Abuse.

Note, on "Mucks", staff tend to have a 'Wizard" flag and are known as "Wizards."

"Wiz-abuse is intolerable. Wiz-abuse is defined as utilizing ANY facility granted by having wizard authorization to effect ANY player or object not belonging to the wizard without the player's approval for any other reason than to enforce compliance with the mission of the muck.

The penalty for wiz-abuse will be termination of the wizard or staffer from this system in any capacity, as player or staffer."

I don't know of any servers that even think that way. The whole point of being a "staffer", or "mod" on a server is being friends with the server owner and being able to lord your godly powers over lesser beings and mortals. I mean, what other point *is* there to being on a server's staff?

I do think is a good server. I never encountered Staff Abuse there. Unfortunately, my wife felt better with us staying on our own server with me running it.

Anyway, I'll post more later of what's going on. I'd be happy to answer questions about the server should anyone ask.

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