Tilly is now a "squeaky dog." It seems she's crying for @mikmaqpeek, who is away in Canada again. We'll see how things go, but she is acting differently than when "mommy" is here, so I suspect she's missing that part of our "pack."

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Oh, what a surprise, I didn't know this: The "End Poem" in #Minecraft was released by its author under #CC0 (Public Domain). The "End Poem" is the text that appears after you defeat the end boss.


#cc0 #minecraft #publicdomain #writing

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Yea you are correct on all of that. I do suspect he was just duped (thus why i call him a tool).. way I see it if you dont have the time to do the research, and you dont even bother to talk to the person accused enough to get the facts, you probably shouldnt be talking.

However if I look at his timeline all I see is an endless stream of him telling people to block this person or that server. If his "accuse first, do research later" mentality is any indication I can only imagine just how much harm he has done to the fediverse spreading lies and misinformation while encouraging people to block each other. How much needless name calling and fracturing has resulted because of this persons negligence? He is exactly the reason we need something like the UFOI, so no wonder he is so opposed to it.. HE is the type of bad actor we are trying to put in check, people who spread lies out of laziness and ignorance.

@ufoi @PKMNLives @stux @casey-magazine @Romaq

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I can’t imagine how tiring trying to be a hall monitor for a network of 5+ million users must be 🤭

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@realcaseyrollins @ufoi @PKMNLives @casey-magazine

Its amazing, every single word you said is wrong. QoTO has been the leader in being a "good actor" for 5 years. We were one of the first servers to have a transparent and defined moderation process. We were also one of the earliest servers to explicitly include features and process to protect at risk groups like lgbtq and minorities. QOTO is the founding member and other members are held to the same standard

I challenge you to find even a sibgle example of a bad actor that has been reported and we refuse to act on, go ahead ill wait.

Also the idea that most of the fediverse has blocked the UFOI is a complete fantasy, in fact quite the opposite is true. UFOI currently has about 5% of the fediverse pledged to join. The vast majority of servers blocking UFOI are single user servers. The percentage of servers based on user count that block us is less than 0.05%, so there are about 100x to 500x more users in the UFOI than those that block us. By comparison QOTO remains one of the most federated servers on the internet.

Dont buy all the propaganda you hear.

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RT @RicoFresco_@twitter.com

SAY HER NAME. April Valentine. Died in childbirth on January 10, 2023 “at Centinela hospital due to medical neglect. She and her bf complained for hours to the nurses that she could not feel her legs and they told her they could not call the doctors bc they would get upset.”

🐦🔗: twitter.com/RicoFresco_/status

I have "D:" setup as my workspace. It's a slow drive so I can keep stuff off "C:". I open up "D:\SpigotDev", right-click on empty space, select "Git Bash Here". I get a Bash prompt, so I then just use cursor up to see the following:

$ java -jar BuildTools.jar --rev 1.19.3

I press "enter" and let it rip. I'm updating the java binary because I know I'm two versions behind on the current server, so I may as well do the update as part of the map wipe roll-out.

Meanwhile, I'm encouraging the creation of screenshots in this map to use for planning on the next map.

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We have excited "side chatter" on our group chat. One question in my mind concerns using Messenger. Eventually, I'd like to get a divorce from . I'm almost there with Messenger. Right now, I only use Messenger, and of that, only with our little PeanutButter Dreams group, family, and "DMs" with @mikmaqpeek.

Unfortunately for me, Desktop Messenger works for a while, then refuses to work, so I end up going *back* to the FB website to use "messenger" from their web page on my PC. I'm not really happy with Discord, although I suppose we could give it a whirl. A Mastodon version of Messenger would be happy, maybe. I'd welcome practical discussion on getting that divorce from Facebook, although I'd still have to keep it for keeing in touch with family. Anyway, back to Peanutbutter Dreams map wipe!

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At the moment, I'm encouraging players to make screenshots of "Useful Information such as builds, as well as document what went well, what didn't go so well. Inventory: What did we make storage for but didn't need that much in the long haul? How should it be organized?

Then there are the farms. Where is redstone useful/ needed? What should be built underground? Lots of info can be captured in a screenshot of our *current* server for decisions to be made following a map wipe.

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It looks like I will be doing a map wipe of the Peanutbutterdreams (PBD) server. I need to pass it by the server owner, but I expect she will agree.

I plan to document the details here for my own reference on what I'm thinking at the time, and hopefully it will benefit anyone interested. PBD is already running on extravm.com/minecraft.php for years, and I'm quite happy with the service. Several years back, I had to stop running the Copper Ferret Minecraft server as money became too tight. Robin, one of the players was willing to keep funding it, so I transferred it to her under a new name she chose. I keep it going as admin, but "policy" and decisions I defer to her.

ExtraVM allows me to run vanilla, Spigot I update myself, and other servers I don't focus on. I tend to use Spigot unless I have reason such as a snapshot to run instead. I have a SpigotDEV folder where I go to Command Line Git, I use cursor up up to get the compile line, enter, wait to finish, then move the Java over as needed. Easy. Setting that up has more detail, but once done it is simple for updates.

I'll discuss more tomorrow. Questions and comments are welcome.

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"After asking the hard questions like 'did you do it' of everyone except the people most likely to do it, we regret to say that we were unable to identify the person who did it." nbcnews.com/politics/supreme-c

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Summary of 2023 Republican Agenda:
-Abortion: Ban it
-Marijuana: Ban it
-Democracy: Ban it
-Immigration: Ban it
-LGBTQ books: Ban it
-Contraceptives: Ban it
-Dialogue on racism: Ban it
-Books by Black Authors: Ban it

I thought I'd cuddle a bit with Tilly. I'm careful to ask permission, though. She's in the ottoman, a hollow footstool with a hole for small pets to enter. A crocheted blanket gives her privacy, keeps it warm, and she can peek through the holes.

I dropped a pillow near it for my head, lay on the floor, then gently put my hand inside but to one, empty side as an invitation.

It took half a minute, but then Tilly sniffed my hand, then lay on it. I went to sleep this way. Time spent on important things.

Playing Minecraft. There is a great deal to the game, but it's absolutely more fun with friends & family. I like running my own server, most of the time. It's really the only defense I have against Staff-Abuse. I really *REALLY* hate Staff-Abuse.


Note, on "Mucks", staff tend to have a 'Wizard" flag and are known as "Wizards."

"Wiz-abuse is intolerable. Wiz-abuse is defined as utilizing ANY facility granted by having wizard authorization to effect ANY player or object not belonging to the wizard without the player's approval for any other reason than to enforce compliance with the mission of the muck.

The penalty for wiz-abuse will be termination of the wizard or staffer from this system in any capacity, as player or staffer."

I don't know of any servers that even think that way. The whole point of being a "staffer", or "mod" on a server is being friends with the server owner and being able to lord your godly powers over lesser beings and mortals. I mean, what other point *is* there to being on a server's staff?

I do think minecraft-servers.space/server is a good server. I never encountered Staff Abuse there. Unfortunately, my wife felt better with us staying on our own server with me running it.

Anyway, I'll post more later of what's going on. I'd be happy to answer questions about the server should anyone ask.

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@aebrockwell @Romaq In happier days it could be just public relations now the purpose is dark. With crypto or AI and surveillance, billions are poured into them in order to dominate and impoverish.

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@Romaq That's a great Feynman quote: "For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled."

The scope could probably be expanded. In the modern era, as far as I can tell, reality appears to have taken a back seat to much more than just public relations.


Flat Earther Bev (@try_thinking) on is a... well, he claims *not* to be a "Flat Earther" while pushing FE talking points and claiming *ONLY* Euclidian geometry is valid. He's really big on "using Greek philosophy" as the basis for his pronouncements. I noted that since he rejects actual Greek philosophy such as used by Eratosthenes to discover a good approximation of the circumference of Earth, Bev is a "Sparkling Flat Earther."

Bev likes to quote-tweet from @FeynmanBot to show how smart he is in rejecting "globalism" and going against scientific consensus. And yet in Bev's assertion "I’ve talked to surveyors, they all know that level is horizontal 👍🏻" implying "the earth is flat." Of course, he appears to be upset when you *tell* him "you just said the earth is flat." "No no! There are mountains and stuff. OBVIOUSLY the earth isn't flat!" He then does a song & dance about why the ocean has no curve to it while denying curvature has to be accounted for in long suspension bridges.

This guy is a piece of ... well, "piece of work," to put it politely. When Bev produces his spiel promoting "it isn't Flat Earth," it runs roughshod over everything Feynman spoke of concerning reality. And yet this moron tries to claim Feynman's mantle as "super smart guy" with his quote tweeting. It's almost as disgusting as Feynman's behavior towards women. Not quite, but pretty low down there.

The part of this I find interesting and valuable is the mental exercise of thinking through proofs the Earth is a globe. Hell, following the Challenger Disaster, Feynman ended up writing history.nasa.gov/rogersrep/v2a with the wonderful quote, "For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled."

I need to engage here more about things that stretch my mind. It's too easy to dunk on flerthers. But time... I need to organize better how I spend my time.

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In this two part toot on procrastination, as a fellow procratanator I want to help everyone by listing the 4 ways to help you stop procrastinating....

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