The petition to give all Hong Kong rioters full british citizenship is only 18k away from having it debated in parliament. Almost there. Let's see if they really care beyond virtue signalling. -

@pschwede How would you identify a rioter from a non-rioter? If you cant giving the whole of HK citizenship sounds like a disaster if not well meaning.

@pschwede Fair and i understand why, Personally I want them to have independence. I hope to see full unending riots just so china looses and maybe tibet will be next!

But in terms of giving them UK citizenship... their numbers are HUGE. Could you imagine what it would do to a country to have an increase in population of 7.3 million overnight. I think thats close to a 20% population increase.

Plus as i said there is no way to identify a rioter from a non-rioter without putting their life at risk in HK. As such it would have to extend to the whole population of HK.

@freemo I have experienced 1:80 new immigrants without the ability to work in IT or to speak the local language. I see no problem with 1:11 Hong Kongers except for building enough living space. While Brexit on hold, isn't their migration EU-regulated?

@pschwede If they are seen as refugees then it would be EU regulated up to a certain quota.

Also that 1:80 you claimed to expiernce. When did the UK expiernce a 1:80 inflation in population over night?

Over a longer period of time it is very doable. It has more to do with how quickly it would occur (all in one action in a moment).

The only way it might be doable is to say anyone from HK who enters the country can **apply** for citizenship and it would be granted, but youd have to but a per-year quota on it to ensure you have time to integrate the new refugees as they come.

@freemo I don't think anything comparable will happen. UK is too busy with itself to handle some post-colonial responsibilities.

@pschwede True, either way I do agree with your intention at least. Just disagree on execution is all.


@pschwede I was born and raised in Hong Kong for 15 years pre-1997. Hold your horses on the idea of just giving out UK citizenship for free.

Like @freemo said I appreciate the sentiment of this intent. I wouldn't mind having the option of UK citizenship myself, but there's one thing I want to point out in addition to what freemo said:

HK rioters are fighting for HK. A citizenship elsewhere means nothing to them, if HK itself cannot be protected. My brother is living in HK right now and, while not actively rioting, refuses to leave even though he has permanent residency in Australia.

Considering the power China holds over the world right now, I don't blame UK only resorting to "virtual signalling" - they're doing the best they can. Handing out citizenship for free is not a gesture of care, when the one thing that HK rioters really want is not to live somewhere else better, but to save their own home.

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