@Rovine Would you want us to setup a blog posting server here for you? something directly federated?

Damn doc you know the right stuff to offer! I was thinking in the past few days if I should just have my blog in qoto gitlab (I have my dokuwiki before I figured out how gitlab works as static web host). If you have the time and energy to set up a federated blog on QOTO I'll actually use it. Better do it before my blog grows too big to migrate too.

@Rovine How would you feel about a write.as instance? I could set one up for ya easy enough.

Yeah sure. Oh boy this is exciting. I've never tried federated blogging nor write.as.

@Rovine Yea will be fun. I actually wont use it. I will continue to use my blog through gitlab I suspect. But It is a cool idea.

I do want to see how federated blog works out. I've never been a Tumblr person myself, just traditional blogs like WordPress. Federating with Mastodon sounds fun though.

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