> yearns fruit juice

> blatantly ignores the 8 whole lemons in fridge

@design_RG Honey lemon was the result. 7 lemons left now.

@Rovine Not to get drunk, but it's a nice and refreshing drink. With lots of ice, some sugar and lots of lemon, you dilute the alcohol to just make you a bit happy, not drunk.

I usually don't drink hard stuff, this one once in a while.

@design_RG Don't know if I have spirits at hand, but your mention of alcohol reminds me that I need to find mead here. They were hard to come by in Australia.

I keep the lemons around for health reason. I get throat infection very easily and often find myself having to consume crazy amount of vitamin C. However I've been once advised to down a shot of whiskey to kill a cold, and it actually gave a good relief - cleared my sinus and numbed any pain that was present.

@Rovine I am here and suggesting it, but it's not something I would be able to do currently either.

Here in Canada, distilled spirits are highly taxed, way more than the already taxed wines and beer.

Any distillate will cost about $35 per bottle, that's about 26 USD or so. Too pricey for me.

Lemon is good for health, I would use it with honey for a sore throat, both of them help relieve it.


@design_RG I haven't visited a liquor store in Scotland yet, but I imagine it's a lot better here than Canada, being the home of whiskey and all. Heck, supermarkets here dedicate a whole row for alcohol.

@Rovine Supermarkets here were not allowed to sell any alcohol until recently, even now is beer, and only some locations. A very few ones might have a winery outlet small store at the front, but no one has distillates.

Should be easier in Scotland, yes. Here, alcohol import and sales are controlled by each province. The Ontario Liquor Control Board brings in about 2 Billion CAD in profit a year, into gov coffers.

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