Got my ayaneo air the other day, it looks amazing and it is really fun playing not at my computer.
Of course first thing i did was install linux(holoiso) on it(tho it took me a bit because chimeraos didnt want to install and holoiso had only broken links so i had to build the iso myself)

Forgot to add, the only bummer in using linix here is that i dont have access to the led controling software.

So on a completely related note, anyone knows how to properly reverse engineer software in order to get access to the protocol/device/whatever info to write a foss alternative?

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Not my seat, we have 3 chairs in that room(as in office chairs), 1 for me, and the other two were suppose to be for the gf but sje doesnt like them, and now the cats sit on them

It's no wonder that with all these cats around [insert your political problem here] that this problem gets worse! !

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