Finally decided to myself a desk organizer to make my desk actually organized, really happy with the result.
Although it took me roughly 15 hours for the blue and another 2 hours for the orange

Indeed, so glad i chose blue as main and orange secondary, i just love this combo of colors

@RustyStriker That looks nice! I have printed a couple of these desk organizers and been happy with them as well, though it looks like they may have a bit larger footprint:

I have barely 1 usb flash drive, so the calculator part was a really useful feature to have(so now i dont have to store the calc in the drawer)

@RustyStriker That's handy! One of the best things about 3D printing is being able to find or design items that closely match your own needs. I have a ton of USB drives and dongles for various work needs (storage, wireless/bluetooth, adapters, and more). I'm always overflowing my storage.

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