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I'm Eric Korpela, an astrophysicist by training. My expertise is in interstellar matter (), UV instrumentation, radio instrumentation, and . I used to direct a small volunteer computing project called SETI@home (). I'm semi-retired, and theoretically working 17 hours a week. In practice that turns into almost as many hours as I was working before I retired.

My posts here will often be unrelated to my work. I find it hard to be chatty about things that have exhausted me during the day. My short term life goal is to learn all that is knowable.

My non-work interests are and .

Happy Sunday!

A reminder:

The Catholic Church spent $11 mill in the NE US to fight legislation that would help victims of clergy sexual abuse get justice
In NY the Catholic Church spent $3 mill lobbying against the Child Victims Act
The Catholic Church donated over $3 mill to limit abortion access in Kansas
The Catholic Church refused to pay $20 mill to residential school survivors
- then they paid $30 mill for a new cathedral in Saskatoon

* This post was written at a drag brunch

Henry #Kissinger turned 100 today, so it's a good time to remind people of Anthony Bourdain's quote about him. And all other amazing quotes by Bourdain.

> Witness what Henry did in Cambodia — the fruits of his genius for statesmanship — and you will never understand why he's not sitting in the dock at The Hague next to Milosevic.

We live in the dumbest timeline.

The people who won't get a vaccine because they think it contains digital trackers are cheering Elon Musk's brain implant.

The people who think we need government out of people's lives want government telling us what to read.

The folks who think every life is sacred before birth refuse to do anything about an epidemic of school shootings.

People who hate anything anti-American want pardons for the Jan6 insurrectionists who attacked the US Capitol.


A new 'File Archivers in the Browser' phishing kit abuses ZIP domains by displaying fake WinRAR or Windows File Explorer windows in the browser to convince users to launch malicious files.

At the age of 7, the Riddler has decided that, maybe, laps are OK.

My spreadsheet of studies demonstrating #COVID19 can damage hearts, brains, immune systems and other organs has grown to 256 studies. The list along with portions of key findings and links can be found here:

I'm off to the library, while we're still allowed to read whatever we want.

Look, sorry, not simping for MS here, but please stop trying to edit PDFs, especially with a word processor. They're not for that. Stop it.

“A few weeks ago, Luigi and the TeX Live team released LuaTeX 1.17.0.This patched a vulnerability that allowed any document compiled with LuaTeX 1.04--1.16.1 (TeX Live 2017--2023) to execute arbitrary shell commands, even with shell escape completely disabled.”

This is horrific. This is Texas.

“On the fifth day in the hospital, while using the bathroom, my son started to enter the birth canal,” Hogan said. “I was rushed to labor and delivery where I gave birth to him stillborn.”

The next morning she was discharged, and told she could return to work the next day, “as if nothing had happened,” Hogan said.

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