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I'm Eric Korpela, an astrophysicist by training. My expertise is in interstellar matter (), UV instrumentation, radio instrumentation, and . I used to direct a small volunteer computing project called SETI@home (). I'm semi-retired, and theoretically working 17 hours a week. In practice that turns into almost as many hours as I was working before I retired.

My posts here will often be unrelated to my work. I find it hard to be chatty about things that have exhausted me during the day. My short term life goal is to learn all that is knowable.

My non-work interests are and .

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All the retro PC drivers, no BS.

- Drivers for sound cards, video cards, storage, networking, game controllers, and more!

- Also in SSL-free, HTML 2.0 flavour for your ancient browsers:

- Preservation-minded? Grab a snapshot!

Tell your friends! :)

Bathrooms should be fully enclosed, lockable, individual rooms, with sinks and sanitary bins in every room. Everything less than that is a loss of dignity, and "only people of your own approximate gender presentation can see or hear you" is not a meaningful mitigation. We all deserve real privacy in the bathroom.

And when you "Remember the Alamo," remember that the US side died defending their right to enslave people. They were killed by Mexican abolitionists. Basically, this:

And stop saying that the Mexicans killed every US man at the Alamo. That's a lie. Because one of the men that the Mexicans captured was a Black dude. The Mexican soldiers were like, "Bro, we're here to liberate Black people, and he's shooting at us?! This brother is confused!" and they just... let him go

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Objecting to obviously out of control deadly police brutality is awarded with rubber bullets in the face. Setting fire to the commons is rewarded with billions of dollars.

Still looking hard for any place that supplies a Sony Vaio N505X restore CD image (or any way to hack the N505VX one that's on internet archive). This is a 20+yrs old subnotebook supposed to run 98/ME/XP - and its insanely beautiful. I am restoring a full set at the moment and need a way to install the original Windows image on it. Boosts welcome #retrocomputing

@RickiTarr Hmmm, wonder how the public schools fare in Massachusetts versus, I dunno, somewhere like, Mississippi?

@GovTrack Yes, I'm sure trump and putin barely spoke in 2016 🙄

At this point in time, “Blacks for Trump” makes as much sense as “Jews for Hitler”.

@Extra_Special_Carbon @DemocracyMattersALot I truly believe the gloves will be off in a second Trump presidency. The courts aren't going to save us. They've spent the past four years testing how far they could go — and as it turns out, they can go pretty darn far! Especially with liberals and centrists putting their faith in "norms and traditions." I expect Trump II to use the full power of militarized police (and the actual military) to crush dissent and the courts will allow it.

The real base of the Democratic Party is Black people, which is why we are being targeted by extremists.

There are 2 cults who want us to stay home and let Trump win and neither cult cares about the rights or safety of Black people at all, no matter how many hashtags they throw around.

Israeli forces have destroyed all the water wells in northern Gaza.

The lack of water is making the near-famine conditions across the Strip worse, and most children and adults there don’t have access to clean drinking water

"If water is life, then it's denial is a certain slow death."

Video shows children drinking water from puddles & collecting seawater.


The recent wave of protests calling for peace in Palestine have been met with unwarranted and aggressive suppression from law enforcement, universities, and other bad actors. Here are some common considerations to help guide campus activists.

Keep an eye on Nvidia stock.
When it dips one iota … get the fuck out of the market because tech bubble 2.0 is going to burst along with the rest of the pumped up U.S. economy.

#AIhype #AI #nvidia #openai

My Right-wing friends are in a dilemma.

In meetings, they've disrespected and referred to me as a 'Libtard,' their misguided left-wing friend.

That's over.

People won't take their calls.
Some are waking up.
Some are telling me I'm their only friend.

Insanity is ostrosinzing.

"If Ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps I'd be dating her." -Donald J. Trump, 3/6/'06

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads NOT contemplating dating their daughters.

@RickiTarr Smartmatic holding out for 1.6bn - hopefully that ends Fox News entirely

@dalias @futurebird @dotsandlines Some pesticide company in my area is cold calling this summer. First they say they are "helping" a neighbor with a spider and ant outbreak. Then they offer to provide the same chemical-free spray service to me. Uh, I'd rather my spiders were left alone, and I'm 100% certain they are spraying chemicals. It might not be an organophosphate, but it is a chemical of some sort.

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