How can someone exploit science dry and reject it when it contradicts their belief system?
It's either reason or Faith?
How is it Faith and reason? Can any religious moderates care to explain?


I like that you said Belief System, which everyone has, whether they (or you) describe themselves as Religious.

I think the question also comes down to : what do you mean by "science" that one can reject? Does it mean methods, popular opinion on conclusions (consensus) or simple a competing Belief System?

@SecondJon There are two types I believe,
1, A person directly contradicting a scientific fact and chooses to ignore the said fact to cater/nurture their belief system.
2. When no valid argumentation is discovered for a subject yet, the masses resort to pseudoscience.
Some examples which advocate someone rejecting science over their 'belief' systems are anti-vaxxing, flat-earth theory, Neo-creationism, Holocaust denial, etc. (
So what I mean by science is 'Science is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe.' (definition from Wikipedia)

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