In 2021 I broke my lower leg, then ran my first 7 months later.

In 2022 I didn't run much.

I'm 2023 I'm trying something new. 1% daily improvement. Today I ran 1.03 miles. About 18 steps further than yesterday.

It feels a little silly to ONLY increase one percent over the prior day. However...

If I increase one percent each day, I'll be a half marathon in September and would be on track for over 37 miles per day by year end, without ever adding more than 0.37 miles per day.

I may hover at the half marathon distance once I reach it. Or plans may change. It's an experiment.


I've stayed on target with with the 1% daily cardio distance increase, only skipping a run once per month so far. Cracked 2 miles daily this weekend.

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