In 2021 I broke my lower leg, then ran my first 7 months later.

In 2022 I didn't run much.

I'm 2023 I'm trying something new. 1% daily improvement. Today I ran 1.03 miles. About 18 steps further than yesterday.

It feels a little silly to ONLY increase one percent over the prior day. However...

If I increase one percent each day, I'll be a half marathon in September and would be on track for over 37 miles per day by year end, without ever adding more than 0.37 miles per day.

I may hover at the half marathon distance once I reach it. Or plans may change. It's an experiment.

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I've stayed on target with with the 1% daily cardio distance increase, only skipping a run once per month so far. Cracked 2 miles daily this weekend.

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@SecondJon I understand. Please consider the later payments; I ran hard as a young person and had to pay for that later, as an older one....Just for thought. In any event, best of luck.

@MessengerFlats thank you!

I never felt old until I tripped on ice while jogging and broke my ankle. My first marathon was my recovery from that injury. At this point I'm not aiming for races but trying to build healthy ongoing habits

...and I'm hoping I have inherited something from my grandfather who ran races until he was 82.

@steele yes!

The idea came out of a discussion with a coworker where I'd mentioned kaizen and he mentioned the book Atomic Habits. (Haven't read it yet.)

@SecondJon I really enjoyed Atomic Habits! I've also benefited from James Clear's email newsletter and his website/blog.

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