BREAKING RESEARCH FROM CLINICAL TRIAL on HCQ + azithromycin in treatment of COVID-19.

100% of patients with were virologically cured after 6 DAYS of treatment.

p-value <0.0001

Why would that DOI not resolve and the article not be found on the journal website?


Very good questions. 😉
According to James Todaro, it has been published with permission.

"Publication accepted by peer review on 3/17/20. Permission to release granted by Didier Raoult, MD/PhD."

Yabbut, people in that study dropped out and died. The tricky wording is *AFTER 6 days*. Bunch of them didn't make it 6 days.
Saw link to the study on hacker news. After reading, discarded.


Thanks for sharing.

I wonder what was the original state of the people who died.

Anyway, maybe I was just looking for a reasonable hope: here in Italy, here in Piedmont, we are facing this shit by too many weeks.

Maybe I'm too tired to be rational, after all.

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