Every time I install , I give a chance.

Every single time I wonder "Why the hell Tor's people prefer such shit to ?"

@Shamar and the lack of an adblocker is confusing, too!

(#uBlockOrigin all the way, #TorBrowser, if you're listening.)

@eryn @Shamar

uBlockOrigin is in Tor Browser as it's implemented in Tails. So in a sense, it's proving itself out in Tails downstream.

Tor's rate of change is slow for (IMO) good reasons. I kinda agree about NoScript... not terribly a fan of it myself.

You should give your feedback to Tor directly.

Previously, if you put TBB in "Safest Mode" it would disable JS via NoScript. Myself & others complained it should be done via "javascript.enabled" setting, and it is now. They listen.


I understand that uMatrix is an advanced tool, but I find NoScript' UI totally unusable.
I wonder how a normal user could comfigure it properly, if it's so confusing to me.

Take for example : in the default 's configuration, doesn't block (!!!) and totally disabling it is several clicks afar.

Also, have a setting to delete cookies 60 minutes after it's last use.
Also it spoof referrers.

Now I think such features should be part of itself, but at least should implement them. At least on mobile, since few really click the Exit button (required to clear cookies on exit).


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