#GCC does away with the requirement for copyright assignments to the FSF:

I think it’s a wise decision in this day and age. 👍


@civodul oh, looking in the way kernel was developed lately doesn't seem good. really, coprorations invaded kernel development a long ago. they did this on purpose and now they nearly control the whole process. it would be pity if GCC became the same coprorate rag doll.
open source need a strong protection against the interests of big brother. running for profit always killed free software.

@iron_bug What you describe has little to do with FSF copyright assignment IMO.

@civodul but what is making them decide against it? the wish of RedRat to embrace, extend and extinguish? I see very sick trends in open source. and if we leave the moral basics we'll end up like M$ with their bullshit.

@iron_bug I would very much like to see more companies and especially more individuals contributing to GCC, but I am very thankful to all the Red Hat employees who’ve kept improving it over the years.

Thanks to people like them, GCC is still striving despite huge efforts of companies such as Apple as well as anti-copyleft folks to get rid of it.



To downstream users, this move open to the sort of legal litigations that affect the kernel (usually settled out of court, for money).

But what I love about it is the double-thinking of the supporters that few weeks ago were crying about the lack of transparency in gevernment.

This change has been announced by the Steering Committee to the GCC community without discussion.
A Steering Committe in the hands of few USA corporations.

But it's all fine, isn't it?


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