#Github #Copilot gives an idea why #Microsoft paid so much for Github. They were after data: Tons of food for their AI, millions of contributors that now 'work' for MS for free.
You publish your code under GPLv3, even AGPLv3? So what? The AI learns from your code and uses it to generate code that is possibly proprietary. Does #GPL forbid this practice? (I don't think so)

That's the M$ way to break copyright law.

It's time for alternatives like @codeberg .

@t0k Is there anything that could stop MS from cloning random repos from the web and feed it's AI with that? Nope. That does not sound like a reasonable reason on why they bought GitHub.
Also, that's a bit like claiming that all code that I will write in my life is GPL if I learned to write code from looking at GPL code.

@Alexmitter 1) Private repos on other platforms cannot just be cloned. Owning GH makes a difference there. Also this way they get *everything* including meta data, social network etc.

Also: Try once to clone all public GH content. You're IP will get blocked quickly.

2) GPL allows you explicitly to study the code and learn from it.

The AI does some sort of statistical copy-pasting on a scale that is not comparable to the human brain.

@t0k 1. Why should MS have any interest in private repos?

And I can clone all public GH content, I just should not do that all at once.

2. Programming is not just for fun often nicknamed the copy paste from stackoverflow art. Humans copy paste code all the time.



1. It's called industrial .

But with , will get access to codebases that are NOT under .

The editor will send them the sources, one file after another.


@Shamar 1. There is no need for Microsoft to use such a feature for large scale industrial espionage, they do have around a million easier ways to do such a thing . Do you guys not even try to think before you type? Seriously.


How many ways are... fully legal like this?

You literally send them your code! On purpose! I mean... ok it's fooling dumb boys, but it's legal! You can't complain after!

@Shamar With such a thing come similar terms and conditions to both parties as in the hosting of private repos for companies or any kind of servers as a service.
It is not like Microsoft would have any benefit from a large set of random code files, that is less useful then the snippets of Windows source code floating around on the web.


Yeah because is unable to automatically relates single files from a large project.

I mean... that would need NLP experts and a lot og expensive hardware! 🤣

Except in those languages that declare the module name at the beginning of each files, at least.

But sure, they "shall do no evil", right? 😇

@Shamar I am not saying that Microsoft is a good company. I am saying that your accusations on them abusing this service are idiotic at best and purely moronic at worst. It is pure over-engineering to accomplish something that would be illegal by law, completely pointless for Microsoft and a total waste of time and money to them.

Pulling weird accusations out of your arse against microsoft hurt everyone who wants to bring up actual arguments against them. Stop it.


Dude, you know nothing about hegemony in technology.

This would be in no way the worst they did or do.

@Shamar Again, they have easier, better, more cost effective ways to do industry espionage.

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