Other than flawed tax policy, is there a reason billionaires exist?

So nice to see Americas tech titans meeting yesterday with DC politicians regarding the dire, awful, really bad possible collapse of civilization due to of artificial intelligence.

When do you suppose Americas fossil fuel titans will be in Washington to discuss the dire, awful, really bad possible collapse of civilization due to fossil fuels?🤔

The scary part is that I know many (smart) people who "just aren't into politics" and therefore don't keep up with current events in any detail.

Their blurry understanding includes two things: (1) "the Democrats" impeached Trump, and now (2) "the Republicans" want to impeach Biden.

If someone's not really paying attention, and doesn't actually realize the titanic difference between these two cases, it is very easy to lazily conclude false equivalence. And that could spell doom for the US.

Hey MSNBC! (as if my grievance would be entertained) There has not been a single primary vote. There has not been a single minute of Trump before a jury of his peers. THE ELECTION IS NOT FOR FOURTEEN, (>>F O U R T E E N<<) EEF’ing months!!! Please stop spending your 24/7 airtime discussing, analyzing, endlessly parsing and mapping election polls. Please.

With this many potential strikes happening all at once, why not just call for a general strike and ask for everything all at once? ;)

Another great piece by @rvawonk demonstrating how “rage farming” triggers social media user engagement, which in turn maximizes the spread of mis/disinformation and profits for propagandists. To combat rage farming, stop engaging with rage-inducing content online.

#disinformation #misinformation #SocialMedia


'There Is Happiness & Joy Throughout Mother Nature'

Mark Anthony Jacobson

@CanadianPainitng #Ojibwe #FirstNations #KeepersOfTheLand #moose #joy #Nature #Canada

In America, we don’t have Democratic indictments or Republican indictments!

In America we have CRIMINAL indictments!

What the hell is a nit? And what compels one to pick it?

Patriarchy is dominance. Imperial and holy war its institutional expression. Biggest stick on top. Oppenheimer renders war obsolete. Chink in the armor. Barbie the first feminist?  Hot babe with a career. Slow deflation of the imperial erection. Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and on. Culture wars the sad weakened substitute for hot holy war. Yelping like a stuck pig melting into a pool of disinformation.

Now I am become Barbie, the destroyer of white male patriarchy.

They love love love to see your teeth gnashing and quivering outrage in response to their bigotry. That’s the point.

Is there a difference between Google using AI to report the news and Fox “news” hiring actual humans to do the same?

Seems that in either case the burden lies with the news consumer to determine the veracity. No?

If I understand this correctly, our two-tiered justice system has been created by the woke mind virus to cancel free speech and sexualize children by teaching them to read about critical race theory.

Did I miss any of the critical facts?

Just as America didn’t properly bury the confederacy after the Civil War, America also failed to properly bury the third Reich after WWII. This happened, I think, because America sort of has its roots in the fascism of slavery and genocide. Today’s fascism has a long pedigree. So it goes.

Why is it that when a  journalist asks a Democrat to comment about routine Republican bigotry, they reflexively pearl clutch and express “disappointment” and “surprise”?

Seriously? You’re disappointed and surprised a Republican is a bigot? Puhleeze! How about responding to these questions by saying: “Yeah, I’m not surprised at the bigotry. This is how the party has been operating for decades. Bigotry appeals to a minority of Americans and, sadly, it wins elections... if it ain’t broke...”

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