If you keep chasing gods, you’ll keep getting nipped in the heel by demons.

In the Dobbs decision, Alito wrote: “Until the latter part of the 20th century, there was no support in American law for a constitutional right to obtain an abortion”.

Let’s do a thought experiment. Let’s tweak the language above...

“Until the early part of the 21st century, there was no support in American law for a constitutional right to presidential immunity”...🤔

I’m swearing off of cable news until Donald Trump‘s wake.

Why is it Amazon can ship you probiotic fiber gummies, Tylenol, three different kinds of allergy medicine, a swell urinal you can have grandpa use in the car, and that wheelchair for little Billy, but you can’t get an insurance company to cover aunt Jo’s cardiologist without spending 90 minutes on the phone?

The living world is deadened by the cages of words.

Wanna wear a mask? Go ahead. Wanna whine about us? Be our guest. We can only make recommendations. We can’t force anyone to do anything. People are going to do whatever they want. Get over yourselves.

Why should I worry about the future when the apocalypse is nigh?

It’s not that I hate America. I absolutely LOVE the IDEA of America. I just hate the idiots that inhabit the territory but are too stupid to understand the IDEA of America.

If you contribute to a 401k at work, chances are you’re an indirect shareholder of Tesla. Teslas board was just dinged in a shareholder lawsuit for their fiduciary irresponsibility in giving Musk an incredibly unwarranted pay package ($55B). Now I like drugs like the next guy, but I’m not a CEO. Will a shareholder sue Teslas board for Musk’s irresponsible drug use? 🤞


"Split the Lark — and you’ll find the Music…
Scarlet Experiment!…
Now, do you doubt that your Bird was true?"

Pioneering biologist Ernest Everett Just on what makes life alive, with a side of Emily Dickinson t.co/Nz9kZMYUBv #BlackHistoryMonth

I don't know why people aren't making the point more to Republicans that US doesn't "give money to Ukraine." It gives money to US arms manufacturers to make and send arms to Ukraine. The money stays here.

I realized today that I’ve barely digested an ounce of the gallon of the cultural and biological trauma that was Covid. And it’s truly not over yet. I’m also realizing that I need to pay attention to things around me. The sun on my face. The pictures in the museum. The music and the food. I’m transfixed by the ants marching on the ground. Gesturing at one another and little concerned with global warming, the next election or the next act of performance terrorism.

“This embarrassment of riches reveals priorities grossly out of order — disabled travelers are forced to hand over their mobility equipment, risking that it may be returned damaged or unusable, while passengers sip cocktails not only from lay-flat business class seats, but from bar stools, restaurant-style booths, and sofas.”


I’m not going to vote for Biden because he can’t flame someone on Twitter and, with the miraculous power of social media, stop a rolling genocide happening in a Middle East conflict that has been raging for 75 years. I shall hold my breath until I get my way.

Late night thoughts.🤔“Washington himself rode at the head of an army to suppress the insurgency, with 13,000 militiamen provided by the governors of Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. The rebels all went home before the arrival of the army, and there was no confrontation.”


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