Im a little crazy about shaving. Though i dont always shave or shave often but when i do im a bit anal about it. First off i use an old school safety razor, but the three half blade kind rather than a single double blade. I also only use the razor for about 3 shaves then replace it. I also remove clean and dru the individual blades between shaves, oil them and store them outside of thr bathroom to avoid humidity. I even rotate the blades between shaves.

In case you arent familiar with half blade safety razors i attached a picture.

@SteelFolk They are. Usually stainless with some sort of a coating, the kind of blades I use are the sharpest on the market and have chromium coating.

@freemo A 'Malcolm' is a razor.

(Malcolm Fraser, a stage comic).

But a razor means a 'blazer', usually at school.


@freemo Just in case you hear "J Arthur", it is indeed J Arthur Rank, but that one means 'tank'.

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