Antisemitism and Pittsburgh murders. CWed for Length 

So. Real talk time

Antisemitism isn't a new thing in the USA. It isn't a new thing in Europe. It's part of the European culture, and to a degree the American culture.

I grew up in the 90s, primarily, and it wasn't uncommon for people to make jokes at the expense of my ethnicity. Even now people will say 'don't Jew me' when talking finances.

People gladly say things to Jewish people and would never say the equivalent to black people, Muslim people, gay people- the list goes on. And when we point it out we're told we're being oversensitive.

Well, here it is. People got murdered and if you don't think this casual racism isn't part of that, I'm afraid we must strongly disagree with one another.

Already, I'm watching people make this a gun-control issue, or an issue of left versus right.

It's not. It's an Antisemitism issue. One that has been there for a very, very long time and isn't going away any time soon.

This will happen again. It isn't a question of if, just when.

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