My favorite part of my day is coming home and my cat is waiting for me at the door to welcome me.

I pick her up and she starts purring SO LOUD.

It feels good to be welcomed home. Really good.

@Surasanji the rabbits, OTOH, just ignore me when I come home -- unless I carry a grocery bag, that is.

@cm I haven't had a pet in well over a decade, so this whole coming home to something that's really happy to see me is both new and fantastic. I figured I'd just be happy to have a cat, instead I'm finding myself absolutely in love with this fuzzy creature and feel all fuzzy and warm when I think about her.

It really is a fantastic feeling.

Shame about the buns, though. It be nice if they hopped happy or made a happy sound seeing you,.

@Surasanji about the only time bunnies make a sound is when they're extremely scared (then they scream) or angry (then they thump their legs). And they're social animals, so if you have a few of them (like, 9) they have enough interaction between themselves and really don't care much about those huge strange creatures around them. Every once in a while, they might give you a little nudge with their noses.

But I sure can understand why people love cats. I sure love petting them when I can.

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