Hello #Fediverse! 👋

💻 My computer broke, but I do a lot of computer work, including managing a Mastodon and Diaspora* instance, and I do a lot of computer programming. I can't do much computer work now, and I don't currently have the funds to but another computer.

So, someone said I should set up a GoFundMe, so if you are interested in helping out, or want to know more, you can see it with the link below:

Boosts are appreciated if you feel like it. 🙂

NOTICE: The GoFundMe was taken down for some reason. The link it broken.

This is what they said:
"While we can’t share the specific reasons for this action, if you believe it was in error ... please reply to this email and attach a clear picture of your government-issued photo ID that shows all four edges."
And I'm definitely not doing that.

If you *really* still want to donate, send it via PayPal (message me if you want the email address)

@masterofthetiger I can almost guarantee that's why. There is a lot of fraud/laundering that goes through sites like GoFundMe from Eastern Europe.

@Surasanji Oh okay. But I'm an American, so there's no legitimate reason for them to do it, and I set my ZIP code to the US one.

@masterofthetiger Yeah, but you see an American Zip code, American address info coming from an Eastern European IP address and it's going to set of fraud flags with fraud detection services like maxmind and the like.

With how credit card disputes work (This is something I handle for my company, answering disputes/chargebacks) it's a very big 'Cover Your Butt' thing to ask for ID and the rest. Shows that they did all that is reasonable to protect against fraud.

@Surasanji I am pretty sure the only thing I ever used when logging in was an IP address (via VPN) ub the area which I put the ZIP code.

@masterofthetiger VPNs will also set off fraud sensors .

I'm just trying to explain why I think you're having this particular issue based on my experience working with various payment processors and internet sales in general.

I ask for ID when I get people ordering items to be delivered to a different state than their billing address, for instance. It's even more serious when you're a payment processor like GoFundMe/Kickstarter and money is being sent to someone.

@masterofthetiger I mean, I know you're cool and legit, but I can understand why GoFundMe would close the page based on previous experience working CS/Billing with other online services.

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