It has come to my attention that there are those on Mastodon who think that anyone who doesn't agree with their politics should be cast out of the federation.

Please stand up for Freedom of Speech.

True Freedom of Speech means you will have to deal with the fact that not everyone thinks the same way as you and will therefor come across views that either make you happy or extremly angry.

Communication is the key to making the world a better place and the only way that progress can be made.

If you lock people out becase they don't agree with you, you are only hurting those you claim to care about because those with extreme views will continue to speak, with the only difference being that no one will challenge them.

Arrogance is the biggest threat to our society.

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@TheGnuMaster You assume that these people who want to lock others out could challenge competing ideas. The entire reason they do it is because their own ideas are being challenged in ways that they cannot reconcile. They don't follow the "sunlight is the best disinfectant, challenge ideas you disagree with" mantra because sunlight will disinfect us from their own ideas.

@matt @TheGnuMaster

This meme is always posted - and it's correct. The issue is you should be the one who chooses to "shut the door"

A lot of people have their entire instance blocked simply because 1 person in it dissagreed with another person.

This is like if someone called your phone, called you a stupid head and instead of hanging up you called the phone company to demand ALL phone numbers with your area code can't be contacted by ALL people in his area code - that be removing choice from thousands of people... which is what instance blocking basically is

@DavidBond The one who chooses to shut the door is the one who is paying for the server that you are a guest on. @a is a "hands-off" kind of guy on his server. That's great for us. But that could change in a heartbeat. Tomorrow he could decide to only allow us to post gabs that have a "Q" in them. We are on this server at his pleasure. This is why I choose to come here.

Others like to have a more structured communication experience. They choose to join servers with more draconian posting policies. They want to be exclusive "gated communities" and that's okay.

You are not banned from the fediverse, you are banned from specific instances who don't want to deal with you for whatever reason. You have reach on all bastions of free speech that choose to federate with you. Why do you feel a need to dictate how other people run their servers?

@matt @TheGnuMaster ^^^ This, but unironically.

Also, sometimes giving an idea the time of day is just fanning the flames. Some things don't deserve to be talked about, especially if a discussion will not be had in good faith.

@TheGnuMaster Anyone who claims gab is nothing but racists and haters obvious is unaware of how many bloody my little pony groups there are on gab.

@ClovisComet @TheGnuMaster I'm so glad I'm unaware of the bloody my little pony groups, it's bad enough so many others injecting into and ending EVERY topic with, "it's all the jews fault".

@ClovisComet @TheGnuMaster Racist? πŸ™‚
If exposing the things they try to hide is racist, yes, then gab is racist.

@ClovisComet @TheGnuMaster Well we might know about them if Groups searching worked. @a please fix Groups search

@TheGnuMaster Being unable to tolerate opinions that oppose yours/differ from yours is a sign of emotional underdevelopment.

@JoshTheFounder @TheGnuMaster Well I think it depends somewhat on the opinions in question. For instance, I can keep pretty calm if people say they support socialism or want to abolish the Electoral College or even if someone says they're a feminist. But if anyone tells me that right and wrong are just arbitrary made up opinions with no basis in the actual truth, then I'll put them in the hospital. That's an opinion I do not tolerate.

@BenMcLean @TheGnuMaster So you have the right to beat up, if not kill, people who tell you right and wrong is subjective?

@thegnumaster Mastodon wasn't free speech from the beginning. It's Eugen's hugbox, and if you don't like his creepy hugs then you're a NAZI and you can go be blocked.

@TheGnuMaster. sorry Andrew. You can't argue with idiots when all you have is facts and they have emotions.

@TheGnuMaster There are many users on Gab that love all people and just want a free, open Internet. Yes, there are others who seek to spread vile, hateful messaging. After about 20 or so "mutes" - my feed is 99% free of these bad actors. It didn't take much effort. I don't need to take anything away from them to make myself more free. That's the point, really. Freedom of speech AND freedom of association. #1A πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

@TheGnuMaster Agreed and I'd add Dunning Kruger Effect is the 2nd!!!!

@TheGnuMaster Say what you want to say... God was gracious enough to give me this thing.. I call it an "inbound filter" it works great at blocking bullshit and fuckery coming from other people... God also gave me THICK SKIN... Unfortunately my outbound filter is fucked in the game and beyond repair (sorry folks).... EVERYONE has a right to speak their peace and potentially heard, @ the same time EVERYONE has the right to ignore, although ignoring is a choice and usually causes IGNORANCE.... See how that works?

You tell those folks @ Mastodon they are welcome to suck my dick till their forehead caves in. Thank you for your attention.


"It has come to my attention that there are those on Mastodon who think that anyone who doesn't agree with their politics should be cast out of the federation.

Please stand up for Freedom of Speech."

I have recently started to think that the fediverse from its founding was never intended to be a bastion of free speech, at least how free speech is classically defined in the USA.

@TheGnuMaster Nist aren't remotely capable of thought, close to 80% at least aren't capable of thought.

@TheGnuMaster those who believe in censorship of thought are frightened of being exposed as intellectual frauds. All fact-based perspectives thrive under criticism. Only unstable, self-esteem focused philosophies justifiably fear public scrutiny. This is why science necessitates dissection of its conclusions. This is why physics dares gravitational skeptics to jump off cliffs. This is why math has never been threatened by a dissenting opinion. #DoTheMath

@TheGnuMaster So what we need to do is join these other federations as unique users, gain their confidence, take over, and shut them out. Then we'll see if they still have the beliefs that it's OK to ban people they don't agree with.

Everybody... go through the list and pick one you have some knowledge in.


"The only way to combat free speech is with more free speech."

@Woodys360View @TheGnuMaster Come on, man. "I believe in free speech but not for child porn" is a reasonable idea.

@Woodys360View @TheGnuMaster No, I'm right on topic. The central issue is free speech. Your post amounted to a claim that free speech means NO LIMITS, and I refuted your claim with a counter-example.

@BenMcLean @Woodys360View @TheGnuMaster the action of exploting a child is not speech, so you're quite a bit off the mark there

Whatever dude, nobody's arguing about that, but have fun at debate club. @BenMcLean @TheGnuMaster

Free Speech means it's OK to shout "There is a NigTRANNY in the little girls bath room" when there is a nigtranny in the little girls bath room"


@TheGnuMaster I thought it was an open place? Seems Satan is closing doors everywhere for people as they can't handle the truth so they just shut up people by deplatforming them or censoring or whatever filthy trick they have up there sleeve like Shadow censor and "spam" filters.

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