📺 VIDEO: "Verify GPG signatures with KGpg" by @njoseph

So, you downloaded the #FreedomBox software. What next? You should verify that the file has not been tampered with!

This screencast shows you how to use the KDE tool called KGpg to verify the GPG signature of a file downloaded from the internet.

Verifying GPG signatures ensures that the downloaded file isn't broken or tampered with. It also proves that the file comes from the expected source.


Australia's democracy is under threat when the police conducts raids against investigative journalists from ABC. We must keep fighting for our right to privacy, free speech and freedom of the press:

"Keep on hacking for a free world" - participants at the @fsfe web-a-thon, day 2.

(and btw: please also vote towards a free world)

#FreeSoftware #EuropeanElections

Erik Albers gives F-Droid workshop "Freedom to go" at Gulaschprogrammiernacht in Karlsruhe, Germany (2019-05-30) pretalx.entropia.de/gpn19/talk #fsfe #FreeSoftware #events #rssfeed

FSFE Booth at Corso Leopold Street Festival in Munich, Germany (2019-05-25 - 2019-05-26) corso-leopold.de #fsfe #FreeSoftware #events #rssfeed

Political satirist Christine Prayon was awarded the 10,000 Euro Dieter Hildebrandt Prize of the City of #Munich and donated the prize money to the Free Software Foundation Europe. She used her thank-you speech to put the finger on one of Munich's sore spots and criticised Munich's switch back to proprietary systems. You can watch here thank-you speech now here peertube.social/videos/watch/f (de) #LiMux #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #FSFE

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All schools in Kerala/India will switch to Free Software:
"we feel the key advantage of going for free OS is the ability to study, share, edit and publish without restrictions. In the education sector, this dissemination value is more crucial than costs" financialexpress.com/industry/

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Three conclusions to draw from #Google denying #Huawei access to software & the importance #FreeSoftware has for technology users, public bodies, and businesses alike: fsfe.org/news/2019/news-201905

Christine Prayon, bekannt aus der @heuteshow@twitter.com , zu Freier Software in München:


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Christine Prayon, bekannt aus der @heuteshow@twitter.com , zu Freier Software in München:


@TheGnuMaster it is a steep learning curve, I have found replacement programs for linux, only need a courage to start once again, maybe this time it will be better. I have heard that sometimes are better with older linux not the bleeding edge one. Last time I had problems with nicotine (soulseek replacement ) but before that it was working perfectly but there was other problems. I'am very happy that you replayed. Will try to start the move today, I'm only afraid that UHD monitor will have proble

Three conclusions to draw from #Google denying #Huawei access to software & the importance #FreeSoftware has for technology users, public bodies, and businesses alike: fsfe.org/news/2019/news-201905

Three conclusions to draw from #Google denying #Huawei access to software: (1) The #FSFE urges users to use Free Software operating systems and applications on their computing devices. (2) Governments and especially the European Union should invest more resources in #FreeSoftware to gain independence from large enterprises and other states. (3) The FSFE urges companies to use as much Free Software as possible in their supply chains. fsfe.org/news/2019/news-201905 #pmpc

It's back—#jail4journalists under a new UK Espionage Act: theregister.co.uk/2019/05/20/e

Home Sec Sajid Javid proposes criminal sanctions for whistleblowers / theguardian journalists to stop any future Edward Snowden

I think microsoft makes file sharing programs to crash (except torrents) Soulseek is constantly crashing, airdc++ also. I think it will be the final push for me to move to linux mint, tried already to do that couple of times always had problems, to that extent that i needed to remove all but one ram and reset bios, but now after a recent windows crash, I had to load bios from usb to make it work again. Maybe someone can give me a helping hand moving all of 8TB music, programs to linux.

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