is a Journalist.
This is what the governments of the so called "free world" do to journalists.

Today is a truly horrible day for Press Freedom.
Everyone who values truth, justice and freedom should stand up for Julian Assange.
If you are in any position of power whether political or organizational (government or the organizer of a weekly book club) speak up about Julian Assange! '
Stand up for his rights!
Lets drown out the lies and propaganda that will be blasted throughout the institutions that are suppose to protect Journalists like him.

@ubuntumate Thank you for continuing to support 32bit architecture!
A lot of computers that can do very useful tasks are old and shouldn't be thrown away to destroy the environment.

My thoughts on what is important when it comes to government and politics.

Protection of Privacy.
(Unquestionably the most important of all rights other than the right to Human Dignity)

Protection of Freedom of Speech
NO CENSORSHIP without exception!

If you don't like something, don't block it, challenge the speech with more speech and facts.

It should be argued that the German approach to banning Nazi symbols whilst in good intent, can also be used as a weapon.

Protecting our Environment
Moving to 100 % Renewable Energy by 2030.

Free, high quality education from Kindergarten to University

German , Universal Healthcare which provides high quality care to everyone no matter how much money you have.
(Those with $$$$$ pay more, Those with $$ pay less
Those with $ or $0 receive healthcare Free of charge)

Elimination of FIAT currency since its not backed up by anything and by design creates inequality.
(Decentralized, rarity, private, secure, anonymous Cryptocurrencies are the future)

Elimination of the UN Security Council's veto power which defeats the purpose of the United Nations in the first place which is non-interference.

Prosecution of war crimes committed by the United States and others during and after World War II.

Bringing a Swiss Style Democracy to the masses - with additional improvements.
Give people the power to challenge and have direct say over the laws, policies and actions they are bound to obey or have committed in their name.

Bring 'Mixed Member Proportional' Democracy to all federal, state, provincial, and local governments so that the government can effectively represent the populations will and be challenged when necessary.

Ranked Choice Voting so that people don't vote out of fear.

True friends are people, individuals who love and care about you.
Friends are people that you have built a life long relationship with, to a spiritual level.

Having 3000 so called friends, who are "following" you aren't your true friends.

Will those 3000 people sit by your side if you ended up in hospital? Will they remain "friends" with you if you ever get into an argument about trivial politics or will they abandon you in droves and form boycotts if you say something that they disagree with?

True friendship shall not waver.
Corporate tools have exploited what it means to be a friend.

It makes me uncomfortable how people have adopted corporate language when talking about themselves on the internet. You are not a corporation or a persona. You are a whole person.

You don't have a "brand" – you have passions and interests. You don't "create content" – you share thoughts, words, ideas, knowledge, and a whole galaxy of other things.

There are plenty of people out there who want to categorise you and put you in a box. Don't help them to do this.

You're so much more than that. 💚

It's time to stop corporate mass surveillance. ✊ Switch to secure alternatives now. Here are some suggestions: 😊

@Tutanota It would be very good if Tutanota could be decentralized like Mastodon.

German Regulators Just Outlawed Facebook's Whole Ad Business

Some good news to kick off the weekend with.


Great talk by @downey about license reciprocity for governments and nonprofits at #CopyleftConf... Also mentions the #PublicMoneyPublicCode initiative by #FSFE

The #Huawei debate falls too short. Security and trust can only be established by

1) releasing the code of critical infrastructure as #FreeSoftware and
2) implementing measures to verify code integrity.

A simple ban or secret audit won't help.


Zeit zum Umdenken: Im Zuge der Diskussion um #Huawei und den Bau von #5G-Netzen fordert die Free Software Foundation Europe (@fsfe) die Veröffentlichung des Quellcodes kritischer #Infrastruktur unter einer freien Lizenz - unabhängig davon, aus welchem Land der Hersteller stammt:
#FreieSoftware #PublicCode

The #BerlinerFenster (news and adds in the Berlin subway) informs about the @libreoffice / OpenOffice security issue. Although it does not mention that although this issue remains unfixed in #OpenOffice it was fixed in @libreoffice in November last year already.

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